Hee ho hum drum…

nothing earth-shattering to report. I tracked about 80% of the time. Of course, here I am on roll and then my auntie came to visit me this morning – CRAMPS and I feel super bloated. I’m going on my regular 5 mile walk, but I don’t plan on changing into my weigh-in clothes. I’ll be happy if I stay the same. I do have 1 NSV – the box of Reese’s Pieces I bought for my husband (to replace the one I ate last week) had been sitting on the counter all week, yes I thought about eating BUT I didn’t, I ate a banana and smeared Better n’ Butter on it. DONE.


Weekend gone

Today is Monday! I made it through the weekend without touching any of my extra points. I even worked out on Saturday and Sunday. I bought my husband a box (30 pts) Reese’s pieces to replace the box I ate last Saturday and it’s still sitting there on the kitchen counter, every time I pass by it I swear I can hear it calling my name, but no, I don’t listen and just give the box the middle finger 🙂 I’m on roll right now, I can’t remember the last time I lost weight 2 weeks in a row. Geez, I just read that, that’s sad. There really isn’t any reason why I can’t stay on track this week I’m not traveling anywhere until Sunday – I’ll be gone until Thursday. But really that’s not going to be an excuse either. I’m starting to find my groove and been working out in the mornings. I drink my coffee, let it do it’s thing, LOL, then off I go with that extra caffeine.

I wish I could tell you that..

  • I tracked all week
  • I didn’t celebrate my 3lbs weight loss by eating a BOX of Reese’s pieces (30 points)
  • My clothes are feeling looser
  • I went shopping and felt great trying on clothes (bought a lipstick instead, at least my lips don’t put on weight)
  • I’m excited about weighing in tomorrow



elsa dinner this pretty much sums up my week…weigh-in is tomorrow!

I have a secret…

tracking works! I have actually managed to lose 3 lbs this week AND I was traveling from Sunday to Thursday. Yup, I was in Miami and tracked every single day! I even has 2 cocktails every night, I didn’t starve and I worked out every morning. I’m really in shock and had a revelation that I need to make WW work for me. One meal at a time and track the good the bad and the ugly, which I did! I walked on the treadmill every morning, then enjoyed a great breakfast of fruit and eggs every morning. ANNNNNNDDD I discovered PILON; Cuban coffee. I’m in love, in fact, I went to Publix and purchased the instant brand. I feel good. I knew that when I stepped on that scale this morning I just knew that it was going to go down.  I would have been happy with 1 lb. So now the game is on…I have to keep on tracking! And you know what? I had a great time on my trip, because I didn’t put food first and always kept in mind that it was just a meal and I could still enjoy myself without eating fried foods.  The struggle is real…every single day, strike that, every single meal. So, now I’m on to something and it feels good. I’m working towards that feeling of being able to go shopping and feel good about trying clothes on; not to mention the size 10 Banana Republic jeans (thanks Dawn) that I haven’t worn in about 2 years, okay honestly, 3 years. Honesty – with myself (and you)!

…and other things on WW

As I mentioned before many great things have been going on in my life. For instance; I finally earned my BA in Marketing Management, my husband had open heart surgery (ok not exactly the best thing, but God had his back),  and I had an epiphany that I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. That got me thinking, I really need to take better care of myself since every time I do a presentation or work an event, I am representing OPI. Oh and the other that has been great in my life…I travel….I travel A LOT. I’m practically on an airplane every 10 days or so which I want to say makes it hard to lose weight, but that’s just another excuse. Yes, I’m full of them but reality sets in and proves to me again that I am the one who has full-control over what I eat.

I’m actually in the air right now on my way to Ft. Lauderdale and then off to Miami to speak to salon owners about OPI’s newest launch – ProSpa (shameless plug). Anyways, I had to go to Kohl’s to find some new clothes…I use to love to go shopping mainly because I was excited about finding cute clothes. NOT ANYMORE – it’s funny to think that I didn’t think I had weight problem until some of the lbs. started coming back. NEWS FLASH – I have a weight problem. Let’s just say I tried on a size 12 pants and told myself if they don’t fit then I’m not buying anything. THIS JUST IN  – I didn’t buy anything L The worse part is all my clothes are size 10’s. so back to the drawing board I go. Starting from scratch and still aiming for 155 (WW goal weight).  Today is day 1.

WHY – I just got comfortable, thought I could just lose the weight the following week, took full advantage of the option not to weigh in, and I just stopped tracking.  I need to start doing my workouts first thing in the morning, that  works for me.

PLAN – I need to learn how to plan my week better, especially when it comes to meeting up with friends. It’s so easy to say commit to going out to happy hour…one drink becomes 2 then….3….then…forget it…by that time I’ve already drank too much too much to care about what I out in my mouth. I don’t need to have 2 drinks, in fact, I’m good with one. That should save me about 10 points. I also need to plan out what I’ll be eating for the week. I shop for the week, but sometimes I get bored with the same foods. I need to get creative so I don’t think about the foods I can’t eat, and think about the foods I can.  This can get hard when I always traveling, but this is the new norm. I really think I just tend to celebrate too much!



Where to begin?

I guess the beginning is always a good place. I was looking through some old videos on my YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa33dsjJ5i5FrqFKQFcHAmg
and all these feelings came back. Not good ones though, the kind of feeling that got me asking myself, what happened to me? How did I let myself go – READ – out of control? Even my spirit and energy were different. I then looked at my old blog posting, I’ve been MIA for over 3 years ago, Oct 4 2013. I subscribe to other WW members blog, I noticed some people had started to put the weight back on – NOT ME!! I wasn’t going to let it happen. Fast forward – it did! I remember the lowest I ever got was 157.8 lb, that was 3 years ago, I’m ashamed, but I need to face the music – READ – scale. I weighed in last Saturday at 182.4, bust out your calculator – 24.6 lbs. It pains me to even type this…to say it out loud… to comes to terms with, which I refuse to. Cue, break, sip of my red blend vino. I don’t even feel compelled to tell how what has been going on in my life in the last 3 years because as I have from others – and still feel that those are excuses. Jumping off my soap box now…well slowly stepping off.
BIG SIGH – I’m back! Life is great, God threw my a few curve balls, but as I always say, God won’t throw anything at me that I can’t handle.
I feel so much better right now and looking forward to getting back on track –
almost like I need to start over on WW as a new member, even though I still go to my Saturday meetings, and have been since Feb, 2011. I’m not a quitter, and at the age of 43 I’m not going to start..like I always say…I’m taking the scenic route.

Crickets crickets crickets…

..says my weight loss! I’ve been busy BUT then again haven’t we all. I must say I am super proud of myself to have gone back to weigh in after a 3 week hiatus, and came out weighing the same as I did before. SUCCESS. It’s been tough, I was in St Petersburg, Florida for HSN (more on that later), attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and had a 3 day training event for OPI  with food out all day. So yeah,  wouldn’t you agree? I was doing that whole “oh, I’ll wait until next week and work really hard this week”. Life has been busy and although I am truly blessed, I feel like I haven’t been taking care of myself. No wait, I feel like I’m just going through life and not working on myself, being truly present in everything I do. Does that make sense? Everything that I’ve been doing has been for other people…rambling coming. I am excited about hosting dinner for my family next Saturday, this is exactly why I am so happy to own a house big enough  for my nieces and nephews to run around in.  Make my heart so warm, another reason why I went a little crazy with Xmas decorations. I feel like I need to train for something in order to get my workouts in…getting bored lately. I start school in Jan…YAY! Where was I? So yeah,  I did creep up a little in weight, but that should be gone by next Saturday.

SO back to HSN in case you don’t know I love cameras, in fact I have a gift, I SMELL cameras! Yes I’m a total ham and not ashamed to say to it. I had an opportunity to be the On-Air OPI Guest Expert. I’ve done about 11 shows and SUPER excited that I will be at HSN for New Years Day, doing 6 shows. The best thing about this, I have started to like shopping. I’ve always been one to wear solid, boring colors, just ask my friends. However, lately I’ve been branching out and slowly figuring out what looks good on me, strike that what I feel sexy in. Yeah, don’t know if it’s because I’m on HSN or because I’m 40 now, but I’m trying new things…LOOK OUT WORLD.

Ok now back to weight loss, I know I need to be present with every meal and take time for myself to treat my body to a workout. Yeah we’re worth it, aren’t we!!