rediscovering old feelings

I just got back from a 2-day vacay in Las Vegas and had some eye-opening feelings that I once had a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time ago. I’ll probably be all over the place with this post so like always…try to keep up! I was in LA from Sunday to Wed for work. Most out-of-town business trips have alcohol involved. Yup that again..alcohol; it’s a great way to unwind after having a stressful few days. What I need to remember is that working our has the same great benefits ūüôā ¬† I was determined that when I got home I’d go grocery shopping for all the right foods. ¬†So I went to Trader Joe’s stocked up of veggies and fruits and was looking forward to getting back on track. THEN, the husband called and said we need to get away for the weekend, let’s go to Vegas. ¬†“Ok” I said, and that night we were on our way. So far, so good, right? Got to Vegas around 3 am and slept until 10 am Saturday. Then we headed to the pool. Ahh yes that dreaded pool… water…bathing suit. I’m not one to feel insecure, however, I did feel that way when I looked around and saw women who were bigger than me sporting 2-piece bathing suits. I’m the last one to judge anyone, but there were a few women that probably should not be wearing a 2 -piece, however, I found myself jealous and admiring them for having the confidence to be so comfortable in their bodies. Who knows, maybe these women work out and just feel so good about themselves? Maybe they just don’t give a crap? We all have our own inner struggles, but these women…not a care in the world. Just loving life showing their appreciation to their Creator for giving them the body they were given. Secondly, throughout the weekend I couldn’t help but think of the time in my mid-20’s when OPI was about to go on a cruise, I knew of all the eating that would be involved, so I made sure I had a plan when I got back. I brought WW to OPI; it was my safe haven. ¬†I also remembered that when I use to weigh 180 people thought I was about 150 because all I did was 20 min of cardio and lifted weights everyday. I felt smaller and great all the time! Why did I forget that? How did I forget how great I feel after a good sweat? How was I motivation for others? I like to look at before and after pics on Instagram and that got me thinking…IT IS TIME!!!!!!!! It’s time to take the now pictures and (re)start my journey to in progress pictures. I don’t like to use the word “after” in pics because I will always be a work in progress. My life is a winding road and I just hope that I can get back on track. I want to feel better about myself and I know that I need to make myself first. I’ll be traveling quite a bit this month, and every hotel does have a fitness center – READ – NO EXCUSES! I also need to remember that this change will not happen overnight, BUT I know that it will happen every minute that I keep track of my WW points and exercise. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a picture and workout. ¬†Have a great week! Muah!

Weekend gone

Today is Monday! I made it through the weekend without touching any of my extra points. I even worked out on Saturday and Sunday. I bought my husband a box (30 pts) Reese’s pieces to replace the box I ate last Saturday and it’s still sitting there on the kitchen counter, every time I pass by it I swear I can hear it calling my name, but no, I don’t listen and just give the box the middle finger ūüôā I’m on roll right now, I can’t remember the last time I lost weight 2 weeks in a row. Geez, I just read that, that’s sad. There really isn’t any reason why I can’t stay on track this week I’m not traveling anywhere until Sunday – I’ll be gone until Thursday. But really that’s not going to be an excuse either. I’m starting to find my groove and been working out in the mornings. I drink my coffee, let it do it’s thing, LOL, then off I go with that extra caffeine.

Protein vs Carbs

After a few weeks on Simply Filling, I think I FINALLY got the hang of it. You see on SF we get to eat bread more importantly carbs.¬†My WW leader told me last week to concentrate on protein. That was all it took. So instead of eating¬†toast for breakfast, I switched to eggs. I also incorporated more turkey meat. I even go through Labor day weekend festivities with chicken¬†and carne asada.¬†I¬†did have a few Michelob Ultra¬†beers, but¬†I alternated 2-3 glasses of water for every beer I¬†drank. This filled me up quickly and resulted in a 5lb loss. A few cousins and I were talking…they were asking about my workouts, truth be told I’ve been slacking. Work has been crazy and I find myself putting myself second, sometimes even third. No more we all know that if we don’t take care of ourselves, then who will? But back to my conversation…I use to ONLY do weights in my 20’s. I was remembering how that made me feel. I felt tighter, had more energy and SEXY. For the past few years I’ve only done cardio, however I’m getting bored and think that it is time to get back to weights. Total shift in my workouts, but I’m ready for it!

I especially have to be REALLY good this week…WHY, you ask? Well…I will be a guest OPI Nail Tech on HSN this Friday!! YES!! I’m headed to Florida on Tuesday and will be live this Friday, 4-6pm (pacific time),¬†during Beauty Report. The one thing I do like about traveling is that I make better choices. I won’t be drinking ANY alcohol this week because the last thing I need is to look puffy, I don’t need any help with that!. I’m really excited and I felt right at home during my training day 2 weeks ago. See look!


20140822_102500I’ve always been pretty confident in my own skin…however, it is a mix of my weight loss and my age that I just have a no fear attitude. I guess once I hit 40, I¬†came¬†to realize¬†–

“I’m too old to look back, but not old enough to take on new experiences and embrace the person I’ve become”.




Thank God that’s over with!

FINALLY! I’m done celebrating my 40th birthday! Let’s see where did I leave off…oh yes, got back from Seattle. THEN, it was time to celebrate with my family. There’s a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that my husband and I love, so we decided to meet up with my parents, my 2 brothers with their families. Nothing¬†in this world gives me more joy than to be with my nieces and nephews. THEN, my girlfriend and I went wine tasting all weekend, and you know that also includes EATING. GEEZ, enough already! On a good note, I did manage to squeeze in a few workouts. Look, I didn’t go crazy but ever since I weighed in at 158 on March 29, I just haven’t managed to stay there. Give me credit, read the previous post.

I just finished my finals this weekend!¬† So, no more excuses!¬† I’ll have all the time in the world to workout. Here’s the thing,¬†I do workout however, sometimes I’m not present, does that make sense? I go through the motions, but I need to¬†learn to concentrate on connecting my body and my mind.¬† I also need to be better prepared, make better food choices and of course nothing works without tracking.

Notice I never mentioned¬†anything about how much I went up…”UP” what you did? Yeah, so what big deal. I’m 40!¬†MUAH!

wine tasting lunch beer



A little overdue…

runningI ran a 10k about 2 weeks ago! I literally ran the whole thing without even training. Was I sore? UM yeah for about 2 days. 

Update still haven’t¬†reached my WW goal HOWEVER, I am on track and¬†by that I¬†mean I’m tracking¬†and losing so now it is just a matter of time…I hoping to celebrate reaching my GOAL by my 40th birthday!¬†Actually the date would be Saturday April 12. I know I can do it so close.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I will only go out to eat twice a week, once in LA and the other with my husband. I do better and I look forward to eating out when I don’t do it so often.

Love ya and muah!

Anchors away!

It’s not very often when I discuss what actually is talked about at my Weight Watchers meeting, I guess….ummm……yeah…I don’t know why. However, today was different, we talked about anchors, the little or big thing that you keep with you to remind you that you are changing your life. Well the past few weeks have been all about going out, pretty much at least 4 times a week since the middle of March. I didn’t step on the scale for the sake of not liking (scared)¬†what I would see. I did step on the scale last Saturday before I¬†was¬†to go to my meeting,¬†I didn’t go… you can draw your own conclusion as to why.. ūüôā¬† Simply put, my weight was escaping me. The way I see it, I just need to be on top of my weight, not let it get away from me. Back to my anchor…I went out last Saturday and my jeans just didn’t fit like they did last month. That was dreadful, knowing that¬†I worked so hard to get to where I¬†want to be and I let a few weeks get by and just STOPPED.¬†And there, those jeans became my personal ANCHOR. SOOOOOOOO……. I recommitted myself to ME. I started Turbo Fire, drank a gallon of water¬†a day and made better food choices. My husband even told me that he was going to support me by not wanting to go out to eat. Down side – looks like I’ll be cooking more.

Oh, where was I? Yes, back to the meeting, our leader asked the Lifetime members to stand so we could applaud them. I sat there imagining what it would be like when I reach lifetime, what would I say? Just the thought of it made me teary.¬† I completed 5 days of Turbo Fire yesterday….and look to the left, that is what I look like every time I finish…pure bliss. It’s tough, in fact, my abs are¬†sore as I type. BTW, I made a decision not to measure myself before I started, I just figured that you would all see the difference in the 30, 60¬† and 90 day pictures. You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is your anchor? Muah!

turbo fire_1

A new adventure…

…we all come to a point in our weight loss where we feel like “I’m good”, “comfortable with¬†my weight”, even thinking “I got this”. WHAT WAS I¬†THINKING?!?! ¬†For those of you who know me or following me,¬†I have yet to reach goal. Yup, 2 years later and just haven’t hit it yet. A thought came into my head… “am I purposely choosing NOT to reach my goal because I know maintenance will be harder?” that’s where the hard work comes in. Perhaps. Do I really enjoy spending $40 a month to stay stagnant? I know that when I DECIDE to hit my goal, I will have achieved something I never have before. Yes, it scares me and the more I think about it…I have questions… what will I look like? how will people see me? how will I see myself? AND THEN. as if the clouds parted…I had clarity….I WILL LOOK and FEEL BADASS!!! I am ready for this. I think I gave everyone in my life to get use to me as I look now. Never take comfort in being comfortable…OMG, who just said that?¬†¬†So there, I am done with that phase and taking the next phase on¬†as if I’m starting from scratch. ENTER LEFT – TURBO FIRE!!!!

turbo fire photo

I started yesterday…It was intense, but SOOO MUCH FUN!!! So much fun that I was looking forward to doing it this morning and I did at 6am, after I walked for 45 min. The music is pumping and the workouts are intense! In fact I look like her when I’m doing it. Except, I’m a¬†brunette.¬†I’ll be posting progress pictures after the first 30 days are done.

Wish me luck! Have you tried anything new?