Would you look at that.

Down 2.2 lbs! Happy? Yes. However, I need to not get cocky and think that I GOT THIS… well, do I know that tracking points leads to weight loss, then one must ask themselves – “why don’t I track more often?  Yeah, why don’t I? Maybe after eating 1 or more high point meals I choose not to be real with myself? Could I be lazy? Maybe not enough time? Well after much thought, I think I don’t want to face the truth or trust that one high point meal doesn’t have to derail my progress.  Food for thought.

Back to my week, started out great, no buts to insert. Met a girlfriend for a beer on Saturday, you know I’m so blessed to have friends who just want to catch up over a beer (which I tracked). My husband and I walked a 5k in Vista, strike that HE MADE ME RUN 2.5 miles!  I was so happy that he even wanted to go, so I ran for him!! My reward…I got his beer ticket (which I tracked).  Went out for lunch and then again for dinner. (tracking). I figure if i can make it through the weekend without using any of my weekly 35, then I’ve done good, which I did! 🙂 Now yes I’m happy with my weight loss this week, BUT I must say, I didn’t get to workout for 4 days because I was so sore from running. Monday, my girlfriend came over to enjoy some vino and snacks, I made sure I pre-counted what I was going to eat and drink. All low points foods too. THEN we decide to hit the local winery…again, I tracked a glass and a half. We did go out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant, OH BOY this is where my hand goes on automatic pilot into the chip basket, no fear I had my daily points available, and only had 4 shrimp wrapped in (crispy) bacon for my meal. SUCCESS! I stayed within my points all week and there you go!  So, I’m doing good so far and back on track!

Putting it out there.

This is hard. Not really sure what part is. Could be the lack of tracking this week; I do so good on Sat and Sun, wait no I do really good on Mon through Fri, but I still find myself celebrating on the weekends. REALLY like I deserve (read need) to celebrate for weighing in?  I did weigh-in last week and was up 2 lbs, I blamed it on my monthly visit and that I wasn’t wearing my weigh-in clothes. Then I was off to Los Angeles from Mon to Thur and not to blame hairdressers but lets just say they know how to party. In case you don’t know I work for OPI Nail products and we became sister partners with Wella hair (Sebastian, Nioxin, Kadus) which means our partying skills just went up a notch. We started the week off with a celebration of life on Monday, this is where I learned that I love patron and fresh lime juice with club soda NEW COCKTAIL! and same amount of points as my vodka soda! Then the rest of the week was consumed by more alcohol. I start the day off great with egg whites and fruit, I do great a lunch and then dinner comes! NOT to mention I didn’t do the most important thing – TRACK! AHHHH I knew I was missing something! So there you go in the end I still need to track to lose weight. My husband and I were suppose to walk a 5K then he grabbed me by the hand we ended up running 70% of it! Yes, I’m sore, he isn’t. We proceeded the day with going out to eat for lunch and dinner. Ok, enough already, if it’s one thing I will do the next 3 weeks is limited the amount of times I go out to eat. I literally gain weight the minute I walk out the door! who’s with me on that? New week…new time to start AGAIN!

Hee ho hum drum…

nothing earth-shattering to report. I tracked about 80% of the time. Of course, here I am on roll and then my auntie came to visit me this morning – CRAMPS and I feel super bloated. I’m going on my regular 5 mile walk, but I don’t plan on changing into my weigh-in clothes. I’ll be happy if I stay the same. I do have 1 NSV – the box of Reese’s Pieces I bought for my husband (to replace the one I ate last week) had been sitting on the counter all week, yes I thought about eating BUT I didn’t, I ate a banana and smeared Better n’ Butter on it. DONE.

I’m turning over a new leaf…

and a page too! Have you ever felt like you just didn’t want to get weighed? Like you knew what was going to happen, as if suddenly you became the Nostradamus of weight loss. I had that feeling today, and then I flipped it off. I weighed in regardless of knowing the outcome. It was tough, tough on the ego, that is. Knowing I hadn’t tracked all week, strike that, starting off tracking and then stopping. An early morning text woke me up and then I just laid there in bed contemplating, making  deals with myself. Ok, I need to try something…so I got up, weighed-in and a made the decision to start Simply Filling plan. I’m sort of eating that way anyways, just a few minor adjustments. I even stayed after the meeting to get a jump start. Now off I go to a whole new world…Wish me luck! MUAH!

Thank God that’s over with!

FINALLY! I’m done celebrating my 40th birthday! Let’s see where did I leave off…oh yes, got back from Seattle. THEN, it was time to celebrate with my family. There’s a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that my husband and I love, so we decided to meet up with my parents, my 2 brothers with their families. Nothing in this world gives me more joy than to be with my nieces and nephews. THEN, my girlfriend and I went wine tasting all weekend, and you know that also includes EATING. GEEZ, enough already! On a good note, I did manage to squeeze in a few workouts. Look, I didn’t go crazy but ever since I weighed in at 158 on March 29, I just haven’t managed to stay there. Give me credit, read the previous post.

I just finished my finals this weekend!  So, no more excuses!  I’ll have all the time in the world to workout. Here’s the thing, I do workout however, sometimes I’m not present, does that make sense? I go through the motions, but I need to learn to concentrate on connecting my body and my mind.  I also need to be better prepared, make better food choices and of course nothing works without tracking.

Notice I never mentioned anything about how much I went up…”UP” what you did? Yeah, so what big deal. I’m 40! MUAH!

wine tasting lunch beer



A little overdue…

runningI ran a 10k about 2 weeks ago! I literally ran the whole thing without even training. Was I sore? UM yeah for about 2 days. 

Update still haven’t reached my WW goal HOWEVER, I am on track and by that I mean I’m tracking and losing so now it is just a matter of time…I hoping to celebrate reaching my GOAL by my 40th birthday! Actually the date would be Saturday April 12. I know I can do it so close.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I will only go out to eat twice a week, once in LA and the other with my husband. I do better and I look forward to eating out when I don’t do it so often.

Love ya and muah!

Are you REALLY tracking?

This week I found myself writing what I was eating but not REALLY connecting with my tracker. I would eat then I would track the next day, okay yes I know “well, at least I was tracking” however, I would just bundle everything together, instead of itemizing my meals. So no I haven’t been connecting with my food. I’m 5.2lbs away from goal of 155, thinking I would give myself about 4-5 weeks, OKAY that was me thinking last week. Looks like I’m looking at 6-7 weeks now. DO NOT JUDGE ME. I do plenty of that on my own, thank you! I must say though,  tracking has been my saving grace.  My day is better when I’m in full control of what goes in my mouth and make conscious decisions about it. Now for some news on the horizon…my Woodland Hills bestie gave me some size 8 jeans…AND they fit…ok another 3lbs and those babies are mine.

How are you doing? What works best for you? Do you track?