rediscovering old feelings

I just got back from a 2-day vacay in Las Vegas and had some eye-opening feelings that I once had a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time ago. I’ll probably be all over the place with this post so like always…try to keep up! I was in LA from Sunday to Wed for work. Most out-of-town business trips have alcohol involved. Yup that again..alcohol; it’s a great way to unwind after having a stressful few days. What I need to remember is that working our has the same great benefits ūüôā ¬† I was determined that when I got home I’d go grocery shopping for all the right foods. ¬†So I went to Trader Joe’s stocked up of veggies and fruits and was looking forward to getting back on track. THEN, the husband called and said we need to get away for the weekend, let’s go to Vegas. ¬†“Ok” I said, and that night we were on our way. So far, so good, right? Got to Vegas around 3 am and slept until 10 am Saturday. Then we headed to the pool. Ahh yes that dreaded pool… water…bathing suit. I’m not one to feel insecure, however, I did feel that way when I looked around and saw women who were bigger than me sporting 2-piece bathing suits. I’m the last one to judge anyone, but there were a few women that probably should not be wearing a 2 -piece, however, I found myself jealous and admiring them for having the confidence to be so comfortable in their bodies. Who knows, maybe these women work out and just feel so good about themselves? Maybe they just don’t give a crap? We all have our own inner struggles, but these women…not a care in the world. Just loving life showing their appreciation to their Creator for giving them the body they were given. Secondly, throughout the weekend I couldn’t help but think of the time in my mid-20’s when OPI was about to go on a cruise, I knew of all the eating that would be involved, so I made sure I had a plan when I got back. I brought WW to OPI; it was my safe haven. ¬†I also remembered that when I use to weigh 180 people thought I was about 150 because all I did was 20 min of cardio and lifted weights everyday. I felt smaller and great all the time! Why did I forget that? How did I forget how great I feel after a good sweat? How was I motivation for others? I like to look at before and after pics on Instagram and that got me thinking…IT IS TIME!!!!!!!! It’s time to take the now pictures and (re)start my journey to in progress pictures. I don’t like to use the word “after” in pics because I will always be a work in progress. My life is a winding road and I just hope that I can get back on track. I want to feel better about myself and I know that I need to make myself first. I’ll be traveling quite a bit this month, and every hotel does have a fitness center – READ – NO EXCUSES! I also need to remember that this change will not happen overnight, BUT I know that it will happen every minute that I keep track of my WW points and exercise. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a picture and workout. ¬†Have a great week! Muah!

Putting it out there.

This is hard. Not really sure what part is. Could be the lack of tracking this week; I do so good on Sat and Sun, wait no I do really good on Mon through Fri, but I still find myself celebrating on the weekends. REALLY like I deserve (read need) to celebrate for weighing in? ¬†I did weigh-in last week and was up 2 lbs, I blamed it on my monthly visit and that I wasn’t wearing my weigh-in clothes. Then I was off to Los Angeles from Mon to Thur and not to blame hairdressers but lets just say they know how to party. In case you don’t know I work for OPI Nail products and we became sister partners with Wella hair (Sebastian, Nioxin, Kadus) which means our partying skills just went up a notch. We started the week off with a celebration of life on Monday, this is where I learned that I love patron and fresh lime juice with club soda NEW COCKTAIL! and same amount of points as my vodka soda! Then the rest of the week was consumed by more alcohol. I start the day off great with egg whites and fruit, I do great a lunch and then dinner comes! NOT to mention I didn’t do the most important thing – TRACK! AHHHH I knew I was missing something! So there you go in the end I still need to track to lose weight. My husband and I were suppose to walk a 5K then he grabbed me by the hand we ended up running 70% of it! Yes, I’m sore, he isn’t. We proceeded the day with going out to eat for lunch and dinner. Ok, enough already, if it’s one thing I will do the next 3 weeks is limited the amount of times I go out to eat. I literally gain weight the minute I walk out the door! who’s with me on that? New week…new time to start AGAIN!

I have a secret…

tracking works! I have actually managed to lose 3 lbs this week AND I was traveling from Sunday to Thursday. Yup, I was in Miami and tracked every single day! I even has 2 cocktails every night, I didn’t starve and I worked out every morning. I’m really in shock and had a revelation that I need to make WW work for me. One meal at a time and track the good the bad and the ugly, which I did! I walked on the treadmill every morning, then enjoyed a great breakfast of fruit and eggs every morning. ANNNNNNDDD I discovered PILON; Cuban coffee. I’m in love, in fact, I went to Publix and purchased the instant brand. I feel good. I knew that when I stepped on that scale this morning I just knew that it was going to go down. ¬†I would have been happy with 1 lb. So now the game is on…I have to keep on tracking! And you know what? I had a great time on my trip, because I didn’t put food first and always kept in mind that it was just a meal and I could still enjoy myself without eating fried foods. ¬†The struggle is real…every single day, strike that, every single meal. So, now I’m on to something and it feels good. I’m working towards that feeling of being able to go shopping and feel good about trying clothes on; not to mention the size 10 Banana Republic jeans (thanks Dawn) that I haven’t worn in about 2 years, okay honestly, 3 years. Honesty – with myself (and you)!

Crickets crickets crickets…

..says my weight loss! I’ve been busy BUT then again haven’t we all. I must say I am super proud of myself to have gone back to weigh in after a 3 week hiatus,¬†and came out weighing the same as I did before. SUCCESS. It’s been tough,¬†I was in St Petersburg, Florida¬†for HSN (more on that later),¬†attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and had a 3 day training¬†event¬†for OPI¬† with food¬†out all day. So yeah,¬† wouldn’t you agree? I was doing that whole “oh, I’ll¬†wait until next week and¬†work really hard this week”.¬†Life has been busy and although I am truly¬†blessed, I feel like I haven’t been taking care of myself. No wait, I feel like I’m just going through life and not working on myself, being truly present in everything I do. Does that make sense? Everything that I’ve been doing has been¬†for other people…rambling coming. I am excited about hosting dinner¬†for my family next Saturday, this is exactly why I am so happy to own a house big enough¬† for my nieces and nephews to run around in.¬† Make my heart so warm, another reason why I went a little crazy with Xmas decorations.¬†I feel like I need to¬†train for something in order to get my workouts in…getting bored lately.¬†I start school in Jan…YAY! Where was I? So yeah,¬† I did creep up a little in weight, but that¬†should be gone by next Saturday.

SO back to HSN in case you don’t know I love cameras, in fact I have a gift, I SMELL cameras! Yes I’m a total ham and not ashamed to say to it. I had an opportunity to be the On-Air OPI Guest Expert. I’ve done about 11 shows¬†and SUPER excited that I will be at HSN for New Years Day, doing 6¬†shows.¬†The best thing about this, I have started to like shopping. I’ve always been one to wear solid, boring colors, just ask my friends. However, lately I’ve been branching out and slowly figuring out what looks good on me, strike that what I feel sexy in. Yeah, don’t know if it’s because I’m on HSN or because I’m¬†40¬†now, but I’m trying new things…LOOK OUT¬†WORLD.

Ok now back to weight loss, I know I need to be¬†present with every meal and take time for¬†myself to treat my body to a workout.¬†Yeah we’re worth it, aren’t we!!

Protein vs Carbs

After a few weeks on Simply Filling, I think I FINALLY got the hang of it. You see on SF we get to eat bread more importantly carbs.¬†My WW leader told me last week to concentrate on protein. That was all it took. So instead of eating¬†toast for breakfast, I switched to eggs. I also incorporated more turkey meat. I even go through Labor day weekend festivities with chicken¬†and carne asada.¬†I¬†did have a few Michelob Ultra¬†beers, but¬†I alternated 2-3 glasses of water for every beer I¬†drank. This filled me up quickly and resulted in a 5lb loss. A few cousins and I were talking…they were asking about my workouts, truth be told I’ve been slacking. Work has been crazy and I find myself putting myself second, sometimes even third. No more we all know that if we don’t take care of ourselves, then who will? But back to my conversation…I use to ONLY do weights in my 20’s. I was remembering how that made me feel. I felt tighter, had more energy and SEXY. For the past few years I’ve only done cardio, however I’m getting bored and think that it is time to get back to weights. Total shift in my workouts, but I’m ready for it!

I especially have to be REALLY good this week…WHY, you ask? Well…I will be a guest OPI Nail Tech on HSN this Friday!! YES!! I’m headed to Florida on Tuesday and will be live this Friday, 4-6pm (pacific time),¬†during Beauty Report. The one thing I do like about traveling is that I make better choices. I won’t be drinking ANY alcohol this week because the last thing I need is to look puffy, I don’t need any help with that!. I’m really excited and I felt right at home during my training day 2 weeks ago. See look!


20140822_102500I’ve always been pretty confident in my own skin…however, it is a mix of my weight loss and my age that I just have a no fear attitude. I guess once I hit 40, I¬†came¬†to realize¬†–

“I’m too old to look back, but not old enough to take on new experiences and embrace the person I’ve become”.




Thank God that’s over with!

FINALLY! I’m done celebrating my 40th birthday! Let’s see where did I leave off…oh yes, got back from Seattle. THEN, it was time to celebrate with my family. There’s a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that my husband and I love, so we decided to meet up with my parents, my 2 brothers with their families. Nothing¬†in this world gives me more joy than to be with my nieces and nephews. THEN, my girlfriend and I went wine tasting all weekend, and you know that also includes EATING. GEEZ, enough already! On a good note, I did manage to squeeze in a few workouts. Look, I didn’t go crazy but ever since I weighed in at 158 on March 29, I just haven’t managed to stay there. Give me credit, read the previous post.

I just finished my finals this weekend!¬† So, no more excuses!¬† I’ll have all the time in the world to workout. Here’s the thing,¬†I do workout however, sometimes I’m not present, does that make sense? I go through the motions, but I need to¬†learn to concentrate on connecting my body and my mind.¬† I also need to be better prepared, make better food choices and of course nothing works without tracking.

Notice I never mentioned¬†anything about how much I went up…”UP” what you did? Yeah, so what big deal. I’m 40!¬†MUAH!

wine tasting lunch beer



I wanna say…

IMAG0594that I’ve lost the last 5 lbs…that my 4 week Ripped in 30 is done…I’ve finally hit lifetime…that while in Dallas I didn’t go crazy and took every sense of mini-vacay¬†as if it were a week-long¬†vacation. BUT I CAN’T…I’ve never been known to be a liar and not about to start now. I was afraid to¬†step on the scale this morning, but glad I did. I’m human, aren’t we all? I’ll have a bad, good and great week along the way.¬† So I bid adios¬†to the last few days, goodbye to drinking bloody marys¬†before 10am,¬†eating hush puppies, tailgating for 5 hours and ordering a pizza at 10pm only to sulk in the Steelers lost, yup we¬†were in Dallas and it was brutal. The great thing is…I have 4 days to get m S&#@ together, so that¬†I can weigh-in this Saturday with my head slightly up, instead of ¬†hanging down. I don’t know about you,, but it seems that bread just sticks like glue to my thighs. So I’ll be concentrating on protein, drinking lots of water and getting ALOT of exercise in.

But¬†wait what about my Ripped in 30¬†challenge?¬†Husband will be¬†taking pictures this Friday. I’m not giving up on that, I’m stronger and can see definition in my arms. THAT IS PROGRESS! You¬†have 24 minutes…you can do¬†this!

On¬† a different¬†note… My heart, tears and prayers go the family and friends¬†of Sandy Hook Elementary. I’m not a mother, however I am a Tia (aunt) to 1 niece and 3 nephews, and cannot begin to¬†imagine the pain that that town is going through. Children are so precious.