I remember when I was down in the low 160’s, I went shopping and saw the size SML; the first thing I thought of was “huh, must be a one size fits all” I had never seen that size before, I mean, why would I, considering I had always been a L-XL.  I tried it on and it fit. I went to the sales associate and asked her if this was a one size fits all and she looked at me puzzled, “um, no, that’s a SMALL”. WHAT!? I had finally got down to a small. Now before I let my head get too big I was teetering between a small and medium, it just depended on the cut. That lasted for a few years, then we all know what happened to your truly…I simply let myself go… now teetering the high 170’s. I went shopping today and tried on a large, it fit, but not like a “wow, look how good this looks” fit. So needless to say I put it back, I put all of the shirts back. I absolutely refuse to shop again until I get back down to the low 170’s – and then I’ll be shopping in my own closet!

I went up .2 last week BUT and that’s a HUGE BUT, I started my period that morning at 4am. I’m going to keep tracking. I’ve been there before and no one is going to track for me. I have a plan and will continue to work at it.

Have a great week!


Where am I today? Where I am today.

Does it really matter? YES! Since my last post I finished the 7 day Shaun T Week! it was great  – I posted everyday after my workout so I became accountable to my followers. Who I am kidding, to myself.  Shaun’s workout program is awesome and the great thing about it was that it moved fast! Seriously by the time I wanted to quit it was on to the next move. And I was never too sore to do the next day’s workout. I felt great and looked forward to my morning workouts. That was a first! I saw my mother in law after the first week and she made a comment that I looked like I was shrinking – SCORE! So yes, I could see that my body was changing, but more importantly I was feeling different. Like a good different! So different that I went shopping for dresses and had the confidence to even wear them 🙂 See my NSV – now that’s confidence! For those of you who know me – I have a hate-hate relationship with my legs. Um ok I just realized how short the white one is. YIKES!  I think half of my confidence came from my mystic tan because we can all agree that fat looks better tanned. LOL!


So, now lets talk about my WW program…WEELLLLL…the week I was doing Shaun T, I rocked it, however, then I had to spend 5 nights at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles for a big Wella Trendvision hair show.  We ate and drank EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  Confession; I didn’t weigh in today. I just couldn’t, I couldn’t face the fact that I had 1 really great week and then a bad one. Plus, I’m still on a high about wearing dresses. So now I’m back on track and starting Shaun T week AGAIN! Details to come…

I have a secret…

tracking works! I have actually managed to lose 3 lbs this week AND I was traveling from Sunday to Thursday. Yup, I was in Miami and tracked every single day! I even has 2 cocktails every night, I didn’t starve and I worked out every morning. I’m really in shock and had a revelation that I need to make WW work for me. One meal at a time and track the good the bad and the ugly, which I did! I walked on the treadmill every morning, then enjoyed a great breakfast of fruit and eggs every morning. ANNNNNNDDD I discovered PILON; Cuban coffee. I’m in love, in fact, I went to Publix and purchased the instant brand. I feel good. I knew that when I stepped on that scale this morning I just knew that it was going to go down.  I would have been happy with 1 lb. So now the game is on…I have to keep on tracking! And you know what? I had a great time on my trip, because I didn’t put food first and always kept in mind that it was just a meal and I could still enjoy myself without eating fried foods.  The struggle is real…every single day, strike that, every single meal. So, now I’m on to something and it feels good. I’m working towards that feeling of being able to go shopping and feel good about trying clothes on; not to mention the size 10 Banana Republic jeans (thanks Dawn) that I haven’t worn in about 2 years, okay honestly, 3 years. Honesty – with myself (and you)!

Crickets crickets crickets…

..says my weight loss! I’ve been busy BUT then again haven’t we all. I must say I am super proud of myself to have gone back to weigh in after a 3 week hiatus, and came out weighing the same as I did before. SUCCESS. It’s been tough, I was in St Petersburg, Florida for HSN (more on that later), attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and had a 3 day training event for OPI  with food out all day. So yeah,  wouldn’t you agree? I was doing that whole “oh, I’ll wait until next week and work really hard this week”. Life has been busy and although I am truly blessed, I feel like I haven’t been taking care of myself. No wait, I feel like I’m just going through life and not working on myself, being truly present in everything I do. Does that make sense? Everything that I’ve been doing has been for other people…rambling coming. I am excited about hosting dinner for my family next Saturday, this is exactly why I am so happy to own a house big enough  for my nieces and nephews to run around in.  Make my heart so warm, another reason why I went a little crazy with Xmas decorations. I feel like I need to train for something in order to get my workouts in…getting bored lately. I start school in Jan…YAY! Where was I? So yeah,  I did creep up a little in weight, but that should be gone by next Saturday.

SO back to HSN in case you don’t know I love cameras, in fact I have a gift, I SMELL cameras! Yes I’m a total ham and not ashamed to say to it. I had an opportunity to be the On-Air OPI Guest Expert. I’ve done about 11 shows and SUPER excited that I will be at HSN for New Years Day, doing 6 shows. The best thing about this, I have started to like shopping. I’ve always been one to wear solid, boring colors, just ask my friends. However, lately I’ve been branching out and slowly figuring out what looks good on me, strike that what I feel sexy in. Yeah, don’t know if it’s because I’m on HSN or because I’m 40 now, but I’m trying new things…LOOK OUT WORLD.

Ok now back to weight loss, I know I need to be present with every meal and take time for myself to treat my body to a workout. Yeah we’re worth it, aren’t we!!

Run or walk?

As most of you know, I’ll be running, yes, the WHOLE thing, a half-marathon on Aug 12. I’ve been torn about training. You see, I am use to walking on the treadmill for 1 hour at 15% incline at 3.7 mph. I’ve been doing this since I started WW last Feb 15. and ONLY this workout. I’ve been quite successful at this with my 55 lb weight loss so far (pat on the back). SO, now I’ve been doing strength training and I run about 4-5 miles on Sundays, however, now I’m too sore to be running the required 3 times a week and STILL LOSE WEIGHT? I’m scared because the treadmill guarantees a loss and not sure if running 2-3 times does…can anyone please tell me? Tell me I will continue to drop weight and I’ll put my Nikes on right now. Forget working out my legs! Ugh I can’t wait til this training is over. I would really love your feedback on the walking vs running issue…PLEASE!

In other news…I went shopping….and I bought a size 10 jeans and a medium shirt! This is big (wrong use of words)! I started WW at a size 18! You do the math.  🙂

WOO HOO!! How are you doing? MUAH!

Reasons to celebrate!

I had a great breakthrough this week! I’ve been really motivated to strength train 3 times a week. At first I was skeptical because I’ve relied soo much on my treadmill workouts, NOW I’m a convert! My trainer has been changing up my workouts every 5-6 weeks and I’ve switched to doing my cardio first thing in the morning. I still do my treadmill (15% incline at 3.8 and hold on!) on Fridays and Saturday before I weigh-in. I feel STRONG. I will be running 5 miles and attempt to go 6… ah heck, why not? Oh wait, RIGHT, I’m suppose to be training for my half -marathon.  Ok, 6 it is! I had a great weigh-in today… down 1.8! After so much teeter-tottering I finally had a great loss, now I’m .8 away from my…wait for it…. 55lb star! Oh yeah, that’s right, my 55lb star! Not gonna work on my speech just yet…as we all know anything can happen. 🙂

Now onto the next thing. A co-worker brought me 2 pairs of size (GULP) 10’s pants, I couldn’t believe it when not only did they up, but they also buttoned! Can I just remind you all that I was a size 11 in 4th grade! I’ve never even tried anything that had a 1 or a 0 in it. I went to the mall today and just for the S$*^s and giggles I grabbed a size 10 pants……….THEY FIT!!! Now, now, let’s  not get ahead of ourselves..I won’t be giving my 12’s anytime soon, BUT it sure feels great! I’m shrinking and after seeing my therapist…I’m ok with it…OK? Heck, I’m falling in love with myself! MUAH!

No number please!

 So, the number hasn’t been the topic of discussion lately. It’s only because I haven’t been able to report great news. However, I’ve had a great breakthrough…don’t know if I’ve mentioned this..but I started seeing a therapist when I hit 169, probably about 2 months ago. She’s wonderful and has really helped me with dealing with each layer of armor I have shed and the layers that still need to come off. So, I had an A-HA moment. See the outfit I wore last week? Well, I have to tell you..I was feeling so good about myself that it didn’t really matter what I weighed in order to feel comfortable wearing a dress with knee-high boots. Do you get it? Follow along… at 217 I would NEVER think about wearing this outfit, however, at 165, I was feeling like I was rocking this outfit. In fact, mentally, I was in such a great place that maybe just maybe, I could have worn this at 217 and just not give a S%&^ about how I look. This, my friends, is progress… my mind is getting closer to my body…they are both working on getting on the same page. You hear me? Just need them to meet in the middle. BTW, I highly suggest therapy for everyone. Here’s a tip –  I looked for one who deals with eating disorders because when you think about..whether you have a problem overeating or undereating…. you need the same help and have the same goals. We all just want to get to a normal weight, don’t we…do I hear an AMEN? BTW, I was down .6 – 164.8 – total loss – 52.2…but who’s counting?  MUAH!