Weekend gone

Today is Monday! I made it through the weekend without touching any of my extra points. I even worked out on Saturday and Sunday. I bought my husband a box (30 pts) Reese’s pieces to replace the box I ate last Saturday and it’s still sitting there on the kitchen counter, every time I pass by it I swear I can hear it calling my name, but no, I don’t listen and just give the box the middle finger 🙂 I’m on roll right now, I can’t remember the last time I lost weight 2 weeks in a row. Geez, I just read that, that’s sad. There really isn’t any reason why I can’t stay on track this week I’m not traveling anywhere until Sunday – I’ll be gone until Thursday. But really that’s not going to be an excuse either. I’m starting to find my groove and been working out in the mornings. I drink my coffee, let it do it’s thing, LOL, then off I go with that extra caffeine.


I’m turning over a new leaf…

and a page too! Have you ever felt like you just didn’t want to get weighed? Like you knew what was going to happen, as if suddenly you became the Nostradamus of weight loss. I had that feeling today, and then I flipped it off. I weighed in regardless of knowing the outcome. It was tough, tough on the ego, that is. Knowing I hadn’t tracked all week, strike that, starting off tracking and then stopping. An early morning text woke me up and then I just laid there in bed contemplating, making  deals with myself. Ok, I need to try something…so I got up, weighed-in and a made the decision to start Simply Filling plan. I’m sort of eating that way anyways, just a few minor adjustments. I even stayed after the meeting to get a jump start. Now off I go to a whole new world…Wish me luck! MUAH!

A little overdue…

runningI ran a 10k about 2 weeks ago! I literally ran the whole thing without even training. Was I sore? UM yeah for about 2 days. 

Update still haven’t reached my WW goal HOWEVER, I am on track and by that I mean I’m tracking and losing so now it is just a matter of time…I hoping to celebrate reaching my GOAL by my 40th birthday! Actually the date would be Saturday April 12. I know I can do it so close.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I will only go out to eat twice a week, once in LA and the other with my husband. I do better and I look forward to eating out when I don’t do it so often.

Love ya and muah!

It works…try it…you’ll like it!

Tracking totally works…why did it take almost 2 1/2 years to get that through my thick, stubborn head. I’ll be honest, I’ve only tracked maybe about 10 times since Feb  2011…that was the first 9 weeks! I started on Saturday, right after my meeting and went all the way through Friday night. I even had date night and went out twice with girlfriends. I did use some of my weeklies, but hey that’s what they are there for…not once did I feel guilty.  It’s an amazing feeling, one HUGE thing I noticed…I wasn’t eating enough… I KNOW!! AND it didn’t matter when I ate carbs… it is an unpleasant eye opener to think that I’ve been paying $40 monthly just to use WW scale. NOT ANYMORE! Now I must confess normally after a loss…I would celebrate, you know take it easy, cut myself some slack, BUT NOOOOOOOOO…I am so motivated to keep it going. BTW I lost 2.6lbs and I didn’t even workout yesterday, Yup, no last chance workout for me! It feels good to be me right now. Ok, so now you all know how I’m doing… how are you? Has tracking worked for you? DO you track?

Milestone for one please!

I did it…. down 51.4 lbs! Not too shabby…I’ve been living (and preaching) the WW lifestyle since Feb. 2011. Losing an average of .9 a week..up and down is the way to go. I didn’t take a vacation from life, in fact, I’ve embrace this new way of living and enjoying every step of the way. Still in the hunt to be 147. Not in a hurry though. I’ve been asked…what my secret is…truth be told…TIME (yes, along with WW). Time is the answer to everything..it helps us mourn a loss one, get over a broken heart and in my case has helped me to lose weight. I’ve said it before and will die saying it..I’m in no hurry. This journey has taught me so much, to enjoy the whole journey. Everyday is a challenge, I intend to conquer everyday…every meal. Weight watchers works plain and simple. Regular food…eaten my regular people. That’s all I got..SO…still on my way to hitting my goal of 147. I REALLY want to be a WW LEADER!!! MUAH!


What a difference a year makes!

Feb 2011
Feb 2012

What a difference a year makes!!My weight loss journey with Weight Watchers started one year ago today! http://wp.me/p1j2CV-1D There have been so many positive things that have happened to my since I started WW. Knowing that this is a never ending journey and looking forward to the day when I don’t have to pay for WW anymore…not because I think it will be over, but because that’s when the real hard work begins…maintenance.  A few weeks ago I hit a HUGE milestone, weighed in at the lowest weight I had ever been. Yes, I was happy, but also a little scared of what’s to come…this is a place I’ve never been before, yet have always wanted to be. This past year I got rid of ALL my clothes and I do mean everything, I still need new workout clothes, though. I’ve learned that results like mine do not happen overnight…I have to take one meal at a time. One workout at a time, too! So as you can see by the pictures, I have changed physically, but what about mentally? I need my mind to catch up with my body, to recognize that it is me in those pictures. That when people say “you look so skinny” or “you look so thin” it’s not a bad thing…it’s just that they have never seen me like this. Heck, I’ve never seen me like this! I can’t say thin, because I’m still a size 12! However, my next goal, to get healthy, to not put so much stress on a number, but on achieving healthy goals. Whether it is running, toning, or looking to be a size 10…it’ll happen. I’ve come so far and only have about 25 lbs to go…woo hoo!! Happy One year anniversary Latina Barbi…I’ve come a long way! MUAH!

Feb 2011
Feb 2012
Feb 2012!

Holiday weight gain..not me!

Everyone talks about this time of year and how difficult it is to stay on WW.  One word….EXCUSES. Seriously, not to come down hard or anything, but the holidays are not 24/7 of food..they are family get togethers, yes there is food, however, that is only one meal a day to show the food who’s boss. I wouldn’t think less of you if flip the dessert tray off with a certain finger OR better yet try one and move on…yup on WW we have the weekly points…So try this, be good 6 days and enjoy yourself the 7th with the weekly, don’t forget you also get your daily points too! Be prepared,  plan ahead and when in doubt stick to the protein choices. Remember that puff anything makes us puffy! Feel free to use that one! Ahhh..but what about alcohol..my choice…vodka and club soda.

Okay this is the last time you’ll hear about Calculus from me…SUPER STRESSED…have my final on Thursday night… 3hrs for 30 questions.  Here’s the thing, at first my teacher said 1 page of notes, UGH!! Then got another email and we get to use all our notes…so I’ll be bringing a whole notebook of notes with me…DONE. The great thing…. I get to go back to Zumba..start running and get to the strength training workouts. I really need to focus on the toning part of my weight loss, instead of the number right now. I have about 25 lbs to go. Oh yeah, I lost 1.2 lbs this week…total…42.2lbs off this body!

How are you? Are your numbers going down? Do you plan on staying the same this holiday season?