Crickets crickets crickets…

..says my weight loss! I’ve been busy BUT then again haven’t we all. I must say I am super proud of myself to have gone back to weigh in after a 3 week hiatus, and came out weighing the same as I did before. SUCCESS. It’s been tough, I was in St Petersburg, Florida for HSN (more on that later), attended 2 Thanksgiving dinners and had a 3 day training event for OPI  with food out all day. So yeah,  wouldn’t you agree? I was doing that whole “oh, I’ll wait until next week and work really hard this week”. Life has been busy and although I am truly blessed, I feel like I haven’t been taking care of myself. No wait, I feel like I’m just going through life and not working on myself, being truly present in everything I do. Does that make sense? Everything that I’ve been doing has been for other people…rambling coming. I am excited about hosting dinner for my family next Saturday, this is exactly why I am so happy to own a house big enough  for my nieces and nephews to run around in.  Make my heart so warm, another reason why I went a little crazy with Xmas decorations. I feel like I need to train for something in order to get my workouts in…getting bored lately. I start school in Jan…YAY! Where was I? So yeah,  I did creep up a little in weight, but that should be gone by next Saturday.

SO back to HSN in case you don’t know I love cameras, in fact I have a gift, I SMELL cameras! Yes I’m a total ham and not ashamed to say to it. I had an opportunity to be the On-Air OPI Guest Expert. I’ve done about 11 shows and SUPER excited that I will be at HSN for New Years Day, doing 6 shows. The best thing about this, I have started to like shopping. I’ve always been one to wear solid, boring colors, just ask my friends. However, lately I’ve been branching out and slowly figuring out what looks good on me, strike that what I feel sexy in. Yeah, don’t know if it’s because I’m on HSN or because I’m 40 now, but I’m trying new things…LOOK OUT WORLD.

Ok now back to weight loss, I know I need to be present with every meal and take time for myself to treat my body to a workout. Yeah we’re worth it, aren’t we!!


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