I changed my outfit and my mind.

You see for the past 3 1/2 years I would weigh-in with the same outfit. At times, it was ok because I would just wake up and go, however, I always walk with a bestie at 6:30…so I would change out of my work out clothes and then back into something else and then a different outfit to run errands in. You get the picture…my old outfit was just leggings and a REALLY light shirt, no bra, no underwear. But that started to become a real PYA…changing and then changing again. I know, I get a headache just reading this too.  So last week I stopped changing. Believe me, this was a big step and if you go to WW you know what I mean. I did struggle a little this week with not changing, in fact I even brought my clothes. Thinking I was sure  I would have a loss because my clothes was lighter this week. But I didn’t do, I just took off my tennis shoes and on the scale I went, and had a 2 lb loss! How about that! So yes, I’ve had a success this week, actually 2, I changed my behavior and had a loss! MUAH!


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