Groin pains are over!

Not sure if I mentioned last week, but I pulled my groin about 3 weeks ago, which means I haven’t worked out in 3 WEEKS!! It was painful, especially when I would sit. Which is really not good for me because I work from home a few days a week, and sitting is when my groin hurt the most. When I was at work, I didn’t notice as much because I was constantly up and down. I was dreading my weigh-in this week. I just kept telling myself to go and be done with these 3 weeks and I was swearing to God that I would start working out again. I’ve been groin pain-free for 3 days, hey that’s good enough for me to get back to the gym! Down .4 – I’ll take it! My leader weighed me and she mentioned that I wasn’t eating enough protein. When I look back at what I do eat, she’s right. Most of my protein comes from eggs, fish or Greek yogurt. So off I went to Smart and Final, I loaded up on turkey meat, tuna cans, and chicken. AND best of all, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries were all on sale… $1.49. I stocked up and in the freezer they went. BTW, I’ll be sticking to simply filling this week.  Oh before I forget, when I weighed in my WW leader said “oh, you get your 50lb star” I told her that I already received it (a LONG time ago) and felt like I didn’t deserve it. Has this ever happened to you? Denied a star because you had already been at that weight?

Physically, I’m back on track and emotionally, I’m ready to keep my head in the game. I’ve been thinking of a saying for me to live by,

“I’m going to stay present in my own presence”

Is that too deep? I really feel like I need to be 100% there, wherever I am, especially when it comes to making food choices.



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