Still Simply Filling!

SF I’m slowly realizing that no matter what program I choose to do whether Points or Simply Filling, WW doesn’t work unless I work it. Really? So I’ve been on Simply Filling for about 4 weeks and sadly I have not seen the results I wanted, STRIKE THAT the results that I have seen are a direct result of the work I have put into it. What a concept. Don’t get me wrong I really do love the simply filling plan, I have been eating some great food and love the options that are offered, I especially love there are great recipes posted daily. I don’t; find myself eating ALOT per se, however, eating out is still an issue, it’s the chips! So, I am now making a commitment to myself, to be true and track regardless of the points.

One more thing, I haven’t been able to workout for almost 2 weeks! I pulled my groin and any physical workout aggravates my upper thigh. I’ve been down a little because as you all know working out is key to losing weight. I need to be extra mindful of the foods that I am eating. Who am I kidding, it really is all about going out to eat. That’s it. Simple. And I better start this minute because my size 10 jeans are feeling a lil tight. AND I am not about to go shopping! Wish me luck! Muah!


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