I’m turning over a new leaf…

and a page too! Have you ever felt like you just didn’t want to get weighed? Like you knew what was going to happen, as if suddenly you became the Nostradamus of weight loss. I had that feeling today, and then I flipped it off. I weighed in regardless of knowing the outcome. It was tough, tough on the ego, that is. Knowing I hadn’t tracked all week, strike that, starting off tracking and then stopping. An early morning text woke me up and then I just laid there in bed contemplating, making  deals with myself. Ok, I need to try something…so I got up, weighed-in and a made the decision to start Simply Filling plan. I’m sort of eating that way anyways, just a few minor adjustments. I even stayed after the meeting to get a jump start. Now off I go to a whole new world…Wish me luck! MUAH!


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