In case you forgot…

cute_sorry_i_forgot_funny_forgetful_elephant_keychain-rafab8c463ca74cd5bbc6e9301a1cd3ac_x76wx_8byvr_512missing meetings because you felt that it would be a bad weigh-in is all part of your journey. I know, because I did. I have stayed away from WW for the past 3 weeks, part because I was out of town and part because I felt like I had a bad week and could just make up for it the following week. Has anyone heard of such a thing? Then on my way this morning to my WW meeting, it hit me (like a brick)…this is part of it…you would think by now that I would know. I guess I didn’t want to feel like I had reverted by going up a few pounds. And then experience the embarrassment with a gain. So I swallowed my pride and moved on. Then the greatest thing happened..I’ve often read other blogs where some fellow WW members have been asked to give their story in their meetings, well if anyone knows me I love to talk, and have secretly been jealous of those people, when will it be my turn? Well, as soon as I walked in, my leader Marie asked me if I was going to be attending the WW meeting in 2 weeks because she wanted ME to do JUST THAT!! YES!! This was step one of me standing in front of people with the same struggles and give them the motivation I know that I can! WAIT….. in 2 weeks? Oh no, I won’t be at my meeting I have to be in Long Beach to work a trade show for OPI. I told my leader to PLEASE, no I pleaded, that she keep me in mind for the next opportunity.

So let this be a lesson to you all, just when you think “oh I had a bad week, I’ll just go next week”…GO…

you never know what can happen!


One thought on “In case you forgot…

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