Are you REALLY tracking?

This week I found myself writing what I was eating but not REALLY connecting with my tracker. I would eat then I would track the next day, okay yes I know “well, at least I was tracking” however, I would just bundle everything together, instead of itemizing my meals. So no I haven’t been connecting with my food. I’m 5.2lbs away from goal of 155, thinking I would give myself about 4-5 weeks, OKAY that was me thinking last week. Looks like I’m looking at 6-7 weeks now. DO NOT JUDGE ME. I do plenty of that on my own, thank you! I must say though,  tracking has been my saving grace.  My day is better when I’m in full control of what goes in my mouth and make conscious decisions about it. Now for some news on the horizon…my Woodland Hills bestie gave me some size 8 jeans…AND they fit…ok another 3lbs and those babies are mine.

How are you doing? What works best for you? Do you track?


One thought on “Are you REALLY tracking?

  1. Not judging you! I know how difficult this is. I started tracking this week. I need to get back to my goal weight. Let’s do this together!!! Saskia


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