It works…try it…you’ll like it!

Tracking totally works…why did it take almost 2 1/2 years to get that through my thick, stubborn head. I’ll be honest, I’ve only tracked maybe about 10 times since Feb  2011…that was the first 9 weeks! I started on Saturday, right after my meeting and went all the way through Friday night. I even had date night and went out twice with girlfriends. I did use some of my weeklies, but hey that’s what they are there for…not once did I feel guilty.  It’s an amazing feeling, one HUGE thing I noticed…I wasn’t eating enough… I KNOW!! AND it didn’t matter when I ate carbs… it is an unpleasant eye opener to think that I’ve been paying $40 monthly just to use WW scale. NOT ANYMORE! Now I must confess normally after a loss…I would celebrate, you know take it easy, cut myself some slack, BUT NOOOOOOOOO…I am so motivated to keep it going. BTW I lost 2.6lbs and I didn’t even workout yesterday, Yup, no last chance workout for me! It feels good to be me right now. Ok, so now you all know how I’m doing… how are you? Has tracking worked for you? DO you track?


4 thoughts on “It works…try it…you’ll like it!

  1. I’ve tried a million fad diets and they never worked (well they did but only for the first week or so and I always gained it back). So far I’ve had great success with weight watchers and I do track EVERYTHING. It’s coming off slow, but it’s working and I don’t have to limit anything (not even chocolate!).


  2. SLOW….I’ve been on WW since Feb 2011… I gained 25 from Oct 2010 when I got married to Feb 15 2011..went form 192 to 217…now down to 166.. the lowest I got was 157 Oct 2012..BUT hey there is something to be said for taking it slow… I WON’T COME BACK! Thank you for reading my blog! Muah!


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