Fight vs. Struggle

The fight – a fight only lasts 12 rounds…it has an end. An end where there is a victor, someone who gets to go home at the end of the fight to bask in the glory of a win. A struggle – is an ongoing battle without an end… there may be little wins, but it is an ongoing journey. A journey that starts and only stops when we surrender to the struggle; therefore resulting in a loss. AHHH and this, my friends, is how I see weight loss. My weight loss. Sometimes life get in the way, but really, aren’t we part of our own life? Shouldn’t this just be part of our struggle to become our best self, inside and out? I’ve learned and continue to learn about my body.. what it needs and what it needs to stay away from so that I can feel good about my daily struggles.  Do you really want to eat that or do you feel you just deserve it? If you eat it, did you lose the fight or is it part of your struggle? That’s all I have for today… until the next time I have a random thought. MUAH!


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