Anchors away!

It’s not very often when I discuss what actually is talked about at my Weight Watchers meeting, I guess….ummm……yeah…I don’t know why. However, today was different, we talked about anchors, the little or big thing that you keep with you to remind you that you are changing your life. Well the past few weeks have been all about going out, pretty much at least 4 times a week since the middle of March. I didn’t step on the scale for the sake of not liking (scared) what I would see. I did step on the scale last Saturday before I was to go to my meeting, I didn’t go… you can draw your own conclusion as to why.. 🙂  Simply put, my weight was escaping me. The way I see it, I just need to be on top of my weight, not let it get away from me. Back to my anchor…I went out last Saturday and my jeans just didn’t fit like they did last month. That was dreadful, knowing that I worked so hard to get to where I want to be and I let a few weeks get by and just STOPPED. And there, those jeans became my personal ANCHOR. SOOOOOOOO……. I recommitted myself to ME. I started Turbo Fire, drank a gallon of water a day and made better food choices. My husband even told me that he was going to support me by not wanting to go out to eat. Down side – looks like I’ll be cooking more.

Oh, where was I? Yes, back to the meeting, our leader asked the Lifetime members to stand so we could applaud them. I sat there imagining what it would be like when I reach lifetime, what would I say? Just the thought of it made me teary.  I completed 5 days of Turbo Fire yesterday….and look to the left, that is what I look like every time I finish…pure bliss. It’s tough, in fact, my abs are sore as I type. BTW, I made a decision not to measure myself before I started, I just figured that you would all see the difference in the 30, 60  and 90 day pictures. You know what they say…a picture is worth a thousand words.

What is your anchor? Muah!

turbo fire_1


6 thoughts on “Anchors away!

  1. For me, “anchor” is the wrong word. It feels heavy and like something is dragging me down. I prefer “touchstone”, something positive that reminds me what I’m doing. But I’m still looking for my touchstone. Instead, my anchor is these damn tight pants. Them digging into my waist is a constant reminder. Does that count? It’s such a pain and so negative!

    Good luck with the sweat and all!


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