A new adventure…

…we all come to a point in our weight loss where we feel like “I’m good”, “comfortable with my weight”, even thinking “I got this”. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!  For those of you who know me or following me, I have yet to reach goal. Yup, 2 years later and just haven’t hit it yet. A thought came into my head… “am I purposely choosing NOT to reach my goal because I know maintenance will be harder?” that’s where the hard work comes in. Perhaps. Do I really enjoy spending $40 a month to stay stagnant? I know that when I DECIDE to hit my goal, I will have achieved something I never have before. Yes, it scares me and the more I think about it…I have questions… what will I look like? how will people see me? how will I see myself? AND THEN. as if the clouds parted…I had clarity….I WILL LOOK and FEEL BADASS!!! I am ready for this. I think I gave everyone in my life to get use to me as I look now. Never take comfort in being comfortable…OMG, who just said that?  So there, I am done with that phase and taking the next phase on as if I’m starting from scratch. ENTER LEFT – TURBO FIRE!!!!

turbo fire photo

I started yesterday…It was intense, but SOOO MUCH FUN!!! So much fun that I was looking forward to doing it this morning and I did at 6am, after I walked for 45 min. The music is pumping and the workouts are intense! In fact I look like her when I’m doing it. Except, I’m a brunette. I’ll be posting progress pictures after the first 30 days are done.

Wish me luck! Have you tried anything new?





6 thoughts on “A new adventure…

  1. Good luck!!! Would love to see your progress. I love success stories. Let me know if you ever need help, Take Shape for Life is amazing!!! You’re looking great by the way.



  2. Work it, girl. I love Turbo Fire, but I don’t do it regularly because traveling keeps me from being consistently home. However, you’re motivating me to get back into it when I get back. I admire your determination. You got this, girl!


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