Yeah it was my bday…

100MEDIA_IMAG0802…the only difference…I now enter 39 on the cardio machine instead of 38 for my age. God, I hope this means I can lose more calories, now that I’m older! Okay, time to get real…I’m teeter-tottering I know, I know, you don’t have to say it.. “You’ve been teeter-tottering since last year”. The truth – I’m suppose to be in control, BUT, hey, it’s been hard. So much going on in my life. UMMMM okay my nose is growing…really I need a goal. Not much going on in my life, I just need to get a jump-start, I’ve been thinking of ordering Turbo Fire because my fellow blogger – has had great success, in fact she inspired me to do the Ripped in 30 and I did it!! So I guess I solved my own dilemma.  Thanks for everything! BTW, my birthday is always filled with plenty of eating and drinking, Started at lunch with 6 oysters shots, and haven’t stopped. Wait, that’s pretty much every other week! I’m trying to say no to going out. I can’t wait to start school so I’ll have valid excuse! August, where are you? MUAH!



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