I’m in love…

.machines..with this machine! Treadmill shredmill…I have FINALLY found a new machine..a new reason to workout…a new reason to WANT to go to the gym…heck a new reason to sweat! It goes forward, backwards, turns into a stairclimber, an elliptical and a treadmill all in one. This just might be the key to get my out of my NOT losing weight rut. I’ll admit its been hard. These past few months stagnant..half the time I’m just trying to undo the damage from celebrating that I actually made it to weigh-in on Saturday mornings. I found my iPod after thinking I lost it for 6 months, only to lose my charger for it…I JUST CAN’T WIN! Thank God though my new love has a tv screen! BTW, this is what my gym looks like at 5 am, empty, EXCEPT for us die hards…that’s just how I roll!

Onto other news… we are loving our new house! I’ve painted the dining room, going for a spanish colonial style and found my calling…pulling weeds! In know! There’s just something about twisting and pulling the whole root out. You can say it’s therapeutic. You can say I’m crazy… but I love it! I must have done 1000 squats on Saturday, only to dream about doing more on Sunday. How are you doing? MUAH!


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