Coming clean…

…yes I need to confess my readers, for I have sinned.  Okay NOT really sinned, but, I just took a hiatus from me. Lately, I’ve been all about others, to please others, and with that comes along food and drink(s). I can’t help that I love to go out,  I just need to make better choices. I wake up 3 days a week at 5am to workout, but for what? So I can maintain, I haven’t even hit maintenance YET! In fact, I’m still trying to lose those last 5-8 lbs. Ok, my nose is growing, did I say TRYING…..LIE!! I need to get my act together because I know I can do it…do it? I’ve been doing it! My mind just needs to get that kick again. However, I will give myself a little husband and I just bought a home  AND I just got accepted to Cal State San Marcos as a Junior, still in pursuit of my BA in Business, I start in the Fall.

My workouts right now are treadmill and kettlebell. I need to change it up a bit, maybe I need to set a goal? Maye start a new dvd? Any suggestions?

I do have some good, no great, news…BUT I can’t reveal just yet! Don’t you hate it when people say that! MUAH!



2 thoughts on “Coming clean…

  1. Keep up the good work! You are reaching the phase where people stop complimenting you all the time. You are nearly there and most people you know probably think you are! Some are jealous. Others proud. All it means is that they accept you as normal now. You don’t stick out anymore. Be proud of all you have done and don’t give up on yourself. Way to go getting right back on track. You are going through changes and that causes stress. Stress makes us reach for foods we don’t need, but know they “do” the trick. The immediate reward…but the scale knows it too. I just wanted you to know that I understand what you are going through. I was one of those who gave up after the compliments ceased. I gave up on myself…but am now on task again. I have been so inspired by you and by so many others who now are succeeding. Thank you for helping me “want” goal. Hugs from Iowa!


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