What happened to me?!

I hope nothing happened to her…is she putting weight back on… where did she go? Well, I’ve been busy… REAL BUSY… husband and I just move in to our new house! Yup, we decided it was time..OUR time…time to make weekly trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Time to buy a house and make it our home. BTW – we thought we could do it in 2 weeks! Um, no won’t happening thank God we plan on staying here for a longgggg time… like FOREVER! It’s like I told my husband… I feel like we had a baby…AND he knows how I feel about babies, hence we’re not having them!  So yes, weight loss has been slow..VERY slow..I need to find my groove again. I can say that I’ve been cooking and plan on making dinner every night and only going out to eat on special occasions.

On a different note, I thought about the comparison of going to church and going to WW meetings… this is what I was pondering…

If I don’t go to church, does that mean I’m not a practicing Catholic?

If I don’t go to a WW meeting, does that mean I’m not a practicing Weight Watcher?

Of Course not…that is all.

It’s been awhile since my last weigh-in, so long that I got the FRIENDLY reminder in the mail..Where are you? We miss you! Yes, I’m here and going back next Saturday, to face the scale and start new…NEW? yeah, still need to reach goal. Can I tell you that my 2 year anniversary is Feb 15. I would love to hit goal by then (lose 65lbs), but that’s up to me, isn’t it?

How are you? MUAH!!


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