What a Difference a Year Makes!

11_12from 2011 to 2012…and I’ve only managed to lose 16 lbs!! However, I can also say that I’ve managed to keep the 45 lbs I lost in 2011 and still lose 16 lbs!? The fact that I’ve been on WW since Feb 15 2011 proves that I can stick with anything for a long time. I’m making the committment to myself to lose these last few lbs so I can finally add LIFETIME to my title, so I can stand up in meetings and get recognized..SO I can finally STOP paying! My body is VERY comfortable at the 157-158 mark, size 10, BUT I know I can push myself to make it an even 152 to make my loss a total of 65 lbs.

I’m very proud of myself this year, I have worked hard for the following:

– Officially a size 10

– Ran a half-marathon

– I can do 5 REAL push-ups

– Became a runner, even for a short time

– Completed Ripped in 30

– Tackled and working on the emotional side of eating

– comfortable showing my legs more!

I plan on making 2013 even better by –

– Getting back to Zumba! It’s been about a year since I stopped and I miss shaking my Bon- Bon!

– Graduating to wearing sleeveless shirts.

– Lowering my % of body weight

– Making Feb 15, 2013 the start of maintenance

– Maybe, just maybe, start running again

– Submitting my story to magazines

I am truly thankful to my readers and know that it is your comments that keep me going! My friends and family whom sometimes say they can’t picture or remember me with those extra 60 lbs! Happy New Year to you all….Love you! MUAH!


3 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the person you are inside and out and so happy you finally do too. I am so proud of you. Your inspiration is WONDERFUL! Love you.


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