Listening to my body

51x50+++R2L__SL500_AA300_I started Week 4 Ripped in 30 on Friday, um yeah still sore. In fact, I woke up this morning with every intention to do Week 4 day 2, not gonna sugar coat it…it’s tough! I had just started the warmup and could hear my body telling me that it wasn’t in the mood for this.  Sure other things have spoken to me in the past…like that 4th piece for pizza – “Eat me” or that 3rd dirty vodka martini – “Drink me”. But my body was screaming at me “Don’t do this, I’m still tired from Friday” ok I listened and knocked out 60 minutes on the treadmill at 15% incline 3.8 mph, according to the machine I burned 900 calories…please don’t burst my bubble.

LATE BREAKING NEWS>>>>>>>>>>>>> and I do mean late, as I did this extraordinary event last Tuesday…I was cooking a gourmet dinner, okay I was scrambling eggs, then a sudden feeling came over me, as if my inner athlete whispered in my ear,”drop and see how many push-ups you can do” who am I not to listen to voices so I did. I did 5 (big girl) push-ups!!! I was so excited I jumped up then I did 5 again!! I’m telling you right now it is the Ripped in 30 DVD that has given me the strength to do that! I have to be honest my weight is teeter-tottering, but my body is changing!

Where are my manners? How are you all doing? Any topics you want me to talk about???



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