I exercised my right to…

not weigh-in on Saturday, however give me a lil credit as I did go the meeting.  Honestly, I did weigh myself on Sat morning and really didn’t want to hear someone tell me what I had gained….um yeah, I already knew. It’s sad, but true, I still look at the number as a measure of success.  I had 2 Thanksgiving dinners this week and other than the wine, I did okay. Ahh yes the wine, there is something about wine vs. beer that has an effect on me. It must be the sugar and then I tend to eat more whereas, beer makes me full, and then I don’t eat as much. I know the holidays ae coming and if  stay the same, then that is success for me.

I’m currently on Week 3 day 4 of Ripped in 30…it’s kicking my booty! I’d love to say that I’m totally ripped….not yet! I was a lil out of control over the weekend with my eating, but the thought of me gaining weight during the 30 days…got me back in control. Really, how bad would that look for me to post the BAD results! I can say that I’ve been out of breath a couple of times during this week. All I can tell you is you and planks will become best friends very fast, not to mention bear crawls and duck walks. The great thing about this DVD, you are done before you know it! Yes, I promise that you will be sore and you’ll be covered in sweat!  LIQUID AWESOMENESS!!

Stay tuned for before/after results and photos in a couple of weeks!



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