Week 2…done Tuesday!

So here I am still on Week 2, and still have 1 more workout to do, I’ll do it Monday or Tuesday. I’m really loving this workout dvd, but it also helps that you’re reading this too, cheering me on! I have to say week 2 is a challenge I never thought I’d have to do so many planks. I’m still working on trying to do a full plank, but until then, I’m still getting the full effects on my knees. I started this last Sunday and was sore for 2 days, then I did it again on Thursday and Friday and Saturday I was sore….go figure. Just finished this morning and feeling like a million bucks. I got a few compliments from co-workers asking if I was losing more weight, well I hate to say I’m teeter-tottering again in the high 150’s. BUT,  will keep to believing that the dvd is starting to work! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I have great news to share…I just HAD TO donate a bag of size 12’s yesterday!! Woo hoo a solid 10! I’ve come aaaaalllllllllllllllooooooonnnnnnggggggg way from an 18! I only wish I had saved a pair of those pants, but do I really need a memory of that? I think not!

Onto other news…. there is a conference called Fitbloggin – http://fitbloggin.com/ where we get together to empower each other and really just have a great time with other bloggers whom write about losing weight, staying healthy or just maintaining. Well I’ve never been, but have always wanted to go!! I applied to be a moderator, I suggested the topic – “When did you have that moment went you truly felt like you owned your body, that you felt comfortable in your own skin?” I have plenty of experience on the topic, and can 100% say that I own the hard work I’ve done, not to mention my curves that came out 🙂 If accepted then I will get a free pass to the whole weekend..that’s a $300 value. I’ll still need to cover my air and hotel, husband is in full support of this!! It’s in June 27-30, in Portland, Oregon… Wish me luck!!

BTW have you bought your  Ripped in 30  DVD yet?



2 thoughts on “Week 2…done Tuesday!

  1. Woo Hoo!! Way to go cuz!! I love Jillian. Even though she is not there right by my side I know she is in my face. Kepp up the good work!


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