Enough already!

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, I’ve been busy, with what you ask? Well, not losing weight that’s for sure. I have to admit I’ve been a little relaxed with tracking and keeping my head in the journey. My biggest challenge is not getting too relaxed on the weekends, it’s like I celebrate the fact that I made it to my meeting on Sat mornings, with eating and drinking the whole weekend. I’m REALLY good at celebrating.

I weighed in yesterday and stayed the same since 3 weeks ago… some would say that is great, however, me? Not really. I spend the week trying to undo the damage I did on the weekends! But enough already, the lady who weighed me in has seen my stagnant results and asked me what my goal is and if I wanted to lose more. Um, yes I told her that I know I could lose at least 5 more lbs and that it was me holding me back, she’s heard that before. The topic of this weeks meeting was just up my alley, an 8 week challenge, that is 8 weeks til Thanksgiving and setting a goal as to where we want to be. Mine – lose 7 lbs…. that’s it, ahhh I say that like I haven’t been teeter-tottering over the past few months. I know the decisions I make are just that, MINE.   I’m getting to know 158-159 REALLY well, and I’ve overextended my stay. My goal is still 147, again my body might want to stay at 152, then….now more paying! I think a 70lb weight loss sounds better than a 65lb weight loss… Ok enough bashing… but it did feel good to get off my chest..now excuse me as I tackle the treadmill!!  MUAH!



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