I did it! I ran a half-marathon…my time, 2:28…I’m good with that! The heat was horrible (says the girl who lives in San Diego). There was a tough hill right between mile 10 and 12, seriously whose idea was that?!  I did walk, my treadmill workouts kicked in…now that I’m done, there are so many thoughts going on in my head…

I’m glad I ran the half and love the sense of accomplishment. I trained hard for about 10 weeks, I had to be disciplined in that I couldn’t go out for drinks on Saturdays because I knew I had to run the next morning.. For those of you whom are doing WW, I weigh-in on Saturday mornings…you get the picture. We started with 4 miles and worked up to 12 miles then back down to 8 miles. I’m very proud of myself and I’m thinking about keeping my running up, but probably stick to a 10k only. I’ve had great benefits from running I fit into a size 10….I started at a 12 and was skeptical about running and weight loss. So for the past few weeks it’s been all about running and hydrating. Okay, now that’s done…I’m off to VEGAS (baby) this weekend!

On to the next thing, I need to get back to tracking and really committing myself to losing the last 12 lbs. Running can take over your life and I had a hard time getting to the gym to do strength training…what can I say..I’m flabby! I really couldn’t do anything else, because then I would be too sore to run the next day. However, I’m committed to running 3-5 miles for cardio and hitting the machines and weights. I just want to look healthy and strong. Not really made a decision yet about what to train for…I think I’ll just take a few months off and concentrate on ME!

My total weight loss 58 lbs.  I’m the lightest I’ve EVER been and still going down.

Some great things have happened along the way:

I wear dresses, I just have to tan my legs!

I’m a size 10, I use to be a size 16-18!

I love to shop, and not just for solids!

I can run 5 miles, heck 13.1, and live to tell about it!

I’m looking forward to doing squats, who am I?!

Oh by the way, here’s another picture, I love this dress and feeling mighty sexy in it!

I think that’s good for now.. How are you doing? Have you been tracking?


10 thoughts on “Half-marathon…DONE!

  1. You did amazing!!! I am so excited for you, the rush that you feel today from completing the race will probably last past today, maybe even the whole week. Enjoy that thrill it’s such an accomplishment. Have fun in Vegas!


  2. Yes you are 100% correct. Getting fit and loosing weight is not only possible, but as you point out… anyone with the determination and a good plan will succeed. Great post. I will be back and will send my friends to this awesome site as well.


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