Thank you Giancarlo!

Just when I didn’t know what workout I wanted to do…the Husband, made my decision for me..without even trying! I came home last Wed from LA and was in limbo about wanting to know we’ve all had those days when we know we SHOULD workout yet, just aren’t feeling it. Yeah, that was me, not once, but twice last week. The Husband got up and said “C’mon baby, let’s go workout.” As simple as that I ended up doing 45 minutes on the treadmill. I felt like a million bucks! He knew what I needed to do. Then Saturday, the same thing I came home from my Tio’s funeral…and we were going out later that night…I know I needed a nap but I was feeling restless and couldn’t settle down… I swear I saw my husband put his (superhero) cape on and said  “Let’s go workout.” AGAIN. I did the treadmill and felt re-energized. Who said our husbands don’t know what we want??? Ok, I know that’s a stretch!

In other news… I weighed in on Friday…ANDDDDDDD I lost! I got my 55 lb star! I went home thinking WOW I weigh 161.8..THAT’S CRAZY! Well that caused a HUGE breakthrough….I wore shorts on Friday. I KNOW!! My gf gave me some shorts a few months ago, and I was planning on giving them away. I really have a love/hate relationship with my legs. I haven’t worn shorts since I was in grade school. BUT then it just clicked for bad can my legs be with me not weighing as much as I use to?? Well, I applied the Sally Hansen makeup for legs (my legs are white, and we all know fat looks better tanned) and wore shorts for the first time. I felt liberated, not to mention it was going to be 103 degrees where I was going for my Tio’s funeral. I really think therapy has helped me unleash an inner consciousness about my body.

So there you go…have a great week!  MUAH!


2 thoughts on “Thank you Giancarlo!

  1. Waoo I love this page..You such an inspiration.I will going to join WW tomorrow again..But this time I will stick to it..My goal is to weight 165….


    • AHH THANK YOU!! Please make sure you take your time on WW…everyone always asks me how I lost weight..not only did WW help but so did taking my time…it doesn’t come off overnight…if you see I’ve been on WW since Feb 15 2011..and still not as goal yet..AND I’m ok with that! Please check in..I’d love to know how you’re doing! MUAH!


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