Reasons to celebrate!

I had a great breakthrough this week! I’ve been really motivated to strength train 3 times a week. At first I was skeptical because I’ve relied soo much on my treadmill workouts, NOW I’m a convert! My trainer has been changing up my workouts every 5-6 weeks and I’ve switched to doing my cardio first thing in the morning. I still do my treadmill (15% incline at 3.8 and hold on!) on Fridays and Saturday before I weigh-in. I feel STRONG. I will be running 5 miles and attempt to go 6… ah heck, why not? Oh wait, RIGHT, I’m suppose to be training for my half -marathon.  Ok, 6 it is! I had a great weigh-in today… down 1.8! After so much teeter-tottering I finally had a great loss, now I’m .8 away from my…wait for it…. 55lb star! Oh yeah, that’s right, my 55lb star! Not gonna work on my speech just yet…as we all know anything can happen. 🙂

Now onto the next thing. A co-worker brought me 2 pairs of size (GULP) 10’s pants, I couldn’t believe it when not only did they up, but they also buttoned! Can I just remind you all that I was a size 11 in 4th grade! I’ve never even tried anything that had a 1 or a 0 in it. I went to the mall today and just for the S$*^s and giggles I grabbed a size 10 pants……….THEY FIT!!! Now, now, let’s  not get ahead of ourselves..I won’t be giving my 12’s anytime soon, BUT it sure feels great! I’m shrinking and after seeing my therapist…I’m ok with it…OK? Heck, I’m falling in love with myself! MUAH!


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