No number please!

 So, the number hasn’t been the topic of discussion lately. It’s only because I haven’t been able to report great news. However, I’ve had a great breakthrough…don’t know if I’ve mentioned this..but I started seeing a therapist when I hit 169, probably about 2 months ago. She’s wonderful and has really helped me with dealing with each layer of armor I have shed and the layers that still need to come off. So, I had an A-HA moment. See the outfit I wore last week? Well, I have to tell you..I was feeling so good about myself that it didn’t really matter what I weighed in order to feel comfortable wearing a dress with knee-high boots. Do you get it? Follow along… at 217 I would NEVER think about wearing this outfit, however, at 165, I was feeling like I was rocking this outfit. In fact, mentally, I was in such a great place that maybe just maybe, I could have worn this at 217 and just not give a S%&^ about how I look. This, my friends, is progress… my mind is getting closer to my body…they are both working on getting on the same page. You hear me? Just need them to meet in the middle. BTW, I highly suggest therapy for everyone. Here’s a tip –  I looked for one who deals with eating disorders because when you think about..whether you have a problem overeating or undereating…. you need the same help and have the same goals. We all just want to get to a normal weight, don’t we…do I hear an AMEN? BTW, I was down .6 – 164.8 – total loss – 52.2…but who’s counting?  MUAH!


6 thoughts on “No number please!

  1. Congratulations – the mind/body connections is SUCH a tough one. I know exactly what you mean. Great on you for seeing a therapist, I’ve considered it as well. You look great and more importantly happy and proud. Great job. 🙂


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