For a while now…

…I’ve been thinking of what to blog about. Sure, I can complain that I’m teeter-totter again… finally went down .6 from a .4 gain and now back on track since Seattle trip…I’m okay with a .2 loss over 3 weeks..OR AM I? I’ve been told that the weight loss will be slower since I’m getting closer to my goal weight HOWEVER, does this make it ok for me to lose like this? Maybe my body is holding on to the weight and my body is adjusting? Could it be that my body wants to stay a size 12? OH wait, I know…I haven’t been TRACKING!! Enough with the excuses! I’m in full control of my body, nobody else. So I can trick myself into being ok with these slow weeks however, that’s not me, that’s not how I operate. I have a few challenges coming up…my bday is tomorrow and I’ve been eating out since Saturday… there’s a friends gathering tonight, dinner tomorrow..then I’ll be in a hotel in Burbank from Friday to next Thursday!! Thank God there’s a gym! I do promise myself to concentrate on good proteins and lots of water. Ok I’m back! I will run today…I will run today!

On an accomplishing note, I did go shopping last week and found a few dresses…I exchanged one because when I tried it on again, I looked like a linebacker. Hey I didn’t work this hard to look like a football player! I exchanged it and then it hit me…I’m a size MEDIUM. A medium…ya, a medium! When did that happen? This is the great thing about losing weight slowly… these changes are monumental, it only seems like they happened overnight.  I’m ready to leave the 12’s and see what life has in store for me at 10. MUAH!



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