Good news and Bad news!

First the bad news… I didn’t go to WW today. The truth is I stepped on the scale and wasn’t happy with it. I knew I would be up considering I ate and drank my way through Seattle last weekend only to come home to my monthly visitor. I didn’t track as well as I wanted to… hence, the pics. I did have a great time!!

So now for the Good, no GREAT NEWS!! I figured I wanted to post something positive about this week…drum roll please…I FINALLY registered for a half-marathon! Yup, you all know I’ve been ready since I got my Nikes…about 21 lbs ago. Hey, better late than never, right? SO now I feel like my workouts have purpose..btw..I’ll be running the America’s Finest City half-marathon August 19 – I placed the link in case you want to join me! wink wink! My girlfriend D is going to run with me..she’s my partner in crime..we start our official training tomorrow with 5 miles.  And…my bonus….I another gf of mine is going to meet me at the gym on Monday to train me so I can get rid of the FLAB. UGH! Btw, as I’ve been losing I’m even noticing my inner thighs are no bueno. I’ll be putting in extra time for those. Swimsuit season is just around the corner. Speaking of husband has agreed to try paddle boarding! How are you all doing? MUAH!


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