Milestone for one please!

I did it…. down 51.4 lbs! Not too shabby…I’ve been living (and preaching) the WW lifestyle since Feb. 2011. Losing an average of .9 a week..up and down is the way to go. I didn’t take a vacation from life, in fact, I’ve embrace this new way of living and enjoying every step of the way. Still in the hunt to be 147. Not in a hurry though. I’ve been asked…what my secret is…truth be told…TIME (yes, along with WW). Time is the answer to helps us mourn a loss one, get over a broken heart and in my case has helped me to lose weight. I’ve said it before and will die saying it..I’m in no hurry. This journey has taught me so much, to enjoy the whole journey. Everyday is a challenge, I intend to conquer everyday…every meal. Weight watchers works plain and simple. Regular food…eaten my regular people. That’s all I got..SO…still on my way to hitting my goal of 147. I REALLY want to be a WW LEADER!!! MUAH!



3 thoughts on “Milestone for one please!

  1. My posted to me and said “I saw your friend lost 50lbs on WW. How did she do it?” I said, “She’s following the plan!” Thought it was funny when she posted that. It’s not a miracle pill PLUS WW! Great job, Elsa! You will be a great leader. 🙂


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