Found my goal….

of all places…in my closet. Yup, I was trying a dress I wore 3 months’s too big now. I was looking around when I came across THE my closet. The Diane von Furstenberg Wrap dress! It’s orange and creme and I’ve never worn it, in fact it still has the tags on , yup, the tag that says size 10. I’ve had this dress for 15 years! Could it be vintage? WOW, how did you get that dress? Did you buy it? Are you kidding? Well for those of you who know me..PUHLEEZ.. you all know better than that!

Here’s the scoop…When I was about 23 yrs old, I was working as a hairstylist…I had a wealthy client who was getting married and really wanted her aunt, who lived in Texas, to be there… she didn’t fly..SO, my client flew me out to Texas to drive her aunt back to Rancho Santa Fe and then we drove back and I flew home 2 weeks later. Her aunt gave me the dress, as a gift.  see the picture?

Okay..wait what is this blog about ..oh yeah, my weight. I went down… a pathetic .2 , I know I can, and will do better this week. You know, the number didn’t; really bother me as much because I got the BEST compliments at work.. “doesn’t she look fit”, “I’m so proud of you” and my new all time favorite.. “you look amazing” of my co-workers even said they should replace Jennifer Hudson with ….wait for it….ME!!  I need to tell you that I’ve been practicing yoga about 3 times a week… and feeling stronger….that was a random thought.

On to the bad news, my WW leader old us that she won’t be our leader anymore…UGH! I just went back to Wed of course that got me thinking…I think I’d like to weigh in on Monday nights. My dad goes to the one later on Monday..btw, my dad has lost about 110 lbs. on WW! Maybe I should go with him..wait….I have to be honest I don’t want him to steal my thunder. I’ll go at a different time. Here’s the lowdown, I’m now 4.2 lbs away from hitting my HUGE milestone of 50 lbs..what am I waiting for? what are you waiting for? What are we waiting for? MUAH!


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