We’ve been here before.

Do I really need to say it? Okay, here you go..TEETER-TOTTER..TEETER-TOTTER! I’m doing it again. I lost about 4.4 lbs last week only to go back up 2 lbs this week. Yes, I do know why and am trying harder this week to stay on track.

Okay, so that part is done. On Monday, I went shopping in my closet and hoping to get into some pants that had been waiting for me to get into… I pulled them up and guess what? they were too big! Yup, I couldn’t fold those babies up fast enough and threw them in the donation pile.  Then off to another pair of pants…you know how football players put their trophies in a cabinet equipped with a light shining on them..well that’s how these pants were for me. The last time I wore them was 13 years ago. I knew in my heart that I would get back into them…. I DID!!! This is HUGE for me.. I was wearing these pants when I first lost weight…I held onto them..so what if they are vintage now..wore them to work on Wednesday, like a champ.  So maybe the number isn’t budging, I’m still reaching goals one at a time. So there scale…take that! Let’s think about something..if the scale could talk and not just post numbers..mine would have said..You are pretty awesome, keep it up..I wanna feel less of you next week. MUAH!


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