That Number!

You know how we’ve all said at one time or another that the number doesn’t or shouldn’t matter? Yes, me too…well, the number has been screwing with my head the past 2 weeks. I switched from Sat mornings weigh-in to Wed night weigh-in and it does make a huge difference! It has taken me 2 whole weeks (hence the lack of posts), to get back to normal…yeah, start the drum roll…down 4.4 lbs with a NEW LOWEST weight of 169.2! Seriously, I still can’t believe it..makes me want to weigh-in this Sat—-KIDDING! 😉 I didn’t even do cardio everyday, nope, what did I do? Strength training and yoga! Loved it! I am really into getting HEALTHY, not thin or skinny. I want to be strong…take on the world!  I know there’s an athlete in there, just shedding one layer at a time. Still need me time…time with my thoughts…time feeling the sweat..ahh yes that glorious sweat that comes knowing you are working on your body. I’m going to continue with my steady jog as we all know this journey never ends…never. But why would I want it to? I’m loving my journey! Are you? Muah!!


2 thoughts on “That Number!

  1. Good for you! It is tough changing your weigh in day…and especially to go from a morning to a night weigh in! YIKES! I am glad you got over the hump. I have been slacking off a bit lately and I am now motivating to get back outside and walk. I miss it.


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