One small step for mankind…

I understand that unless you’ve had a weight problem, you probably can’t relate to the following 2 stories…

1. I started school last night. I’m taking Art of Cinema, this is the last class I need to take before transferring (hopefully) to Cal State San Marcos. I’m taking the class at my old high school..Mt. Carmel, I haven’t been there since 1992…when I  graduated…don’t do the math. So anyways, let me remind you, I weighed around 240 in high school and for those of you who remember school desks..they were awfully small or maybe I was just awfully big.  Anyways, I slide right in there! Funny how we remember the strangest things. 1 point for Latina Barbi!

2. Husband took me shopping, I have to start filling up my closet. Anyways, this is a true story and my husband can vouch for me. I was looking for a blouse and saw the sizes Med, and SML..that’s wierd I thought…and asked the sales girl “why, is there a Med and Large and then SML? Is that a one size fits all?” OMG, she had to tell that SML means small…well how am I suppose to know?? I’ve never even picked up a size small! I seriously thought it was a one size fits all…and wanted to know the difference.

3. I’ll go ahead and make this quick…I went back to Zumba last Friday…I hadn’t done it since August…can I just say…it is amazing how much lighter I felt jumping around!



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