1.2 lbs away..

from being the lowest weight I have ever been, well since 4th grade! I weighed in at 172. I only needed to lose .2 last week to make my 45lb loss and ended up losing 1.2lbs…. I guess I’ve always been an over-achiever.  So now as look to my next goal of being under 170, I really need to step up my exercise. I’ve been sick for like 2 weeks now… just the normal congestion, running nose and coughing. A certain Tia (auntie) just came to visit me this morning..yeah she’ll be sticking around for 3-4 days..UGH!! This really makes me not want to workout. I did do zumba on Friday, but had a hard time breathing. Trying Zumba again tonight, so what if I cough up a lung..don’t I have another one? Headed to LA tomorrow and excited about running 3 miles!

Ok back to the WW meeting..the leader was standing behind the scale and asked if there were any more awards to hand out before she starts the meeting…I said “wait, look at my loss” yeah, I knew I had at least loss the .2! Don’t we all know if the scale will show a gain or loss? Be honest. So, I put a little extra makeup on to receive my recognition..VAIN? A little. The question for me… How many sizes did you drop with the 46 lb weight loss..well I started with a size 18 and now fit into a size 12…4 sizes. I said that I cleaned my closet out and literally had to get rid of all my clothes..just too big now and NOT going back! And that I finally found a pair of knee-high boots..that fit me! I found myself getting a little emotional, even shed a tear, I had to fan myself.  I do need more clothes…looks like I’ll be calling my clothes fairies.. you know who you are! MUAH!


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