Latina Barbi went on a vacay from WW.

Strike that last post I wrote 2 weeks ago…delete it, do what ever you need to do so you don’t think that I had actually followed through with losing weight this holiday season. Get in your jammies, snuggle up with a blanket and get ready for this story…

I took my final in Calculus on Thursday night, ended up with an 87% in the class..have I mentioned that this class was online, so I basically taught myself. I started in August and felt that my life had stopped, doing minimal workouts, (I miss Zumba) and still managed to lose 15 lbs. So Saturday, I finally cleaned my closets out.. I ended up with 5 bags of clothes. Clothes that I never want to see again. Clothes that once covered my size 16 body, or should I say draped over my body. I’m a 12 right now and still have about 23 lbs to lose. Anyways, husband and I went to San Fran for the Steelers game..this little vacay was well-deserved, the only problem…. I left Latina Barbi (me) at home. She said for me to go have a great time, drink what I want and eat what I want. I did. I forgot how far I had come and how I’ve taken lil vacays in the past and still managed to lose. I came back Tuesday and was still in vacay mode. In fact, I stayed in vacay mode til today. Question.. why are desserts made of carbs and ONLY carbs? I think I had an out of body experience, only it lasted 8 days!!! No worries, she’s back. Husband took me shopping today, btw I only had like 6 blouses left in my closet, THANK YOU HUSBAND. So today I was looking at some old pictures, you know,  I needed some spark to get me back to where I left off. LOOK AT MY FACE!!! As far a going on a vacay again, Latina Barbi is coming next time, whether she likes it or not.   MUAH!

April 2010 - 215lbs.
December 2011 - 175lbs

How was your holiday?


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