Holiday weight gain..not me!

Everyone talks about this time of year and how difficult it is to stay on WW.  One word….EXCUSES. Seriously, not to come down hard or anything, but the holidays are not 24/7 of food..they are family get togethers, yes there is food, however, that is only one meal a day to show the food who’s boss. I wouldn’t think less of you if flip the dessert tray off with a certain finger OR better yet try one and move on…yup on WW we have the weekly points…So try this, be good 6 days and enjoy yourself the 7th with the weekly, don’t forget you also get your daily points too! Be prepared,  plan ahead and when in doubt stick to the protein choices. Remember that puff anything makes us puffy! Feel free to use that one! Ahhh..but what about choice…vodka and club soda.

Okay this is the last time you’ll hear about Calculus from me…SUPER STRESSED…have my final on Thursday night… 3hrs for 30 questions.  Here’s the thing, at first my teacher said 1 page of notes, UGH!! Then got another email and we get to use all our notes…so I’ll be bringing a whole notebook of notes with me…DONE. The great thing…. I get to go back to Zumba..start running and get to the strength training workouts. I really need to focus on the toning part of my weight loss, instead of the number right now. I have about 25 lbs to go. Oh yeah, I lost 1.2 lbs this week…total…42.2lbs off this body!

How are you? Are your numbers going down? Do you plan on staying the same this holiday season?


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