Are we ever done?

It’s funny…today I was actually contemplating whether I should work out or not…I stop working around 5 and I usually go straight on the treadmill. However, today I just felt like not going…”like, oh, I just lost 41 lbs and yeah I’m good, no need to workout anymore?? Who do I think I am? As if my journey was done, like I reached the end…nope, not me..I have come to terms that the working out and the tracking will never end..and I’m okay with that. The ONLY thing that ends…I won’t have to pay for WW meetings anymore…and I’m okay with that, too! So while I’m still doing my happy dance over my loss I just wanted to post my Feb 16 start and my progress since..

Are we ever done?? PFF, really who are we kidding? MUAH!


2 thoughts on “Are we ever done?

  1. You are doing an amazing job! I’ve been getting some good motivation from reading your blog. I lost 35 lbs last year (blogging it all out) and then gained back 15 in the last 8 months from getting a bit apathetic and falling for that exact type of thinking “oh, I don’t need to work out today because I’ve been doing so well” etc etc. Bad move! Anyway, I’m getting back at it and feeling better already. Thanks for posting your journey. 🙂


    • WOW! Thank you for the comments! I think we’ve all been there…I still need to write my whole story…but about 15 yrs ago I lost 70 lbs then I let 47 lbs come back! SO now I’m 6 lbs from the lowest I’ve ever been..Let’s GET BACK and STAY on TRACK this time.MUAH!


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