I did it… 40lb star!!

Oh yeah!! I did it.. went down 2 whole lbs this week to make my loss at 41 lbs…I only need to lose 26 more and I hit my goal of 150! I woke up this morning knowing, no, feeling, smaller. I even sit here just thinking about what workout I’ll be doing today…I’m excited, not just about my loss, but about life.  MY LIFE. The life I am making and the strength to make it all happen. You know, we do have control over our weight, NO EXCUSES. Why did it take me so long just to lose the .6 lbs? Maybe I wasn’t ready? Maybe is was so hard for me to believe that I, and only I can change my body..shape my body, as I shape my life? DEEP, I know…but think about it. What’s holding you back? My challenge this week was staying away from the candy jar at work…mindless eating…listening to my body…when in doubt, choosing protein. I’m starting to eat according to what my body needs…carbs for fuel and protein for recovery. I was only able to get on the treadmill a couple times this week and for only 30 minutes, BUT that will change once my Calculus class is over on Dec 15! Then lookout! I need to work on toning my body..BODY UNDER CONSTRUCTION…aren’t there shirts that say that? Well there should be….am I on to something? Isn’t life great? Don’t give me that, change it!



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