Whole numbers are better to lose!

I only had to go down .8 and it has taken me like 5 weeks and I still don’t have my 40 lb goal! I went up .2 this week…UGH! So, now I need a full one pound. It’s funny because my WW leader said that it is easier to lose one whole pound versus ounces. I guess I need to give myself some credit…I had 2 Thanksgiving dinners..my mom has the family over on the Sunday before the actual holiday, she does this because she knows we go to our in-laws for the actual holiday. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome like that! I did keep up on my workouts and plan to run here and there this week.  Just plugging away, one pound at a time. I really need to concentrate on NOT giving in to the spirit of eating during the holidays. There’s always food around at work and unfortunately I have a strong sense of smell for high point foods. No more mindless eating, nope, not me. I have to admit I was in a little funk last week…what? you? yeah, it happens… I was just going through the motions and feeling kinda defeated. I need to keep my weight loss in perspective.. down 39 lbs. Oh before I forget…so I was rehearsing what I was going to say at my WW meeting..”you know, I don’t remember how great it felt putting on the weight…but I can tell you how great feels taking the weight off” feel free to use.  Ok, now as I blog, I’m getting excited about my week ahead, full of good choices, great workouts and tracking! No problem, I just screwed my head on right and tight and looking forward to my meeting this Saturday with my D! How was your holiday eating? Do you take advantage or look at this time as a challenge? WE CAN DO IT! muah!


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