A no show

Nope..I didn’t go to WW today. I just didn’t feel like it. I was watching tv, drinking my morning coffee when I just felt like I was missing something..like I needed to get something done, you know… out of the way..THEN IT HIT ME… I put my Nikes on, drove to Miramar Lake and started running..yes, like Forrest Gump…I just ran 4 miles and walked the last one…just like that! I’M BACK! For those of whom don’t know, I use to run..a runner, I was.  I use to be able to run 10 miles on any given Saturday. When I weighed 170 back in 2000, I completed 4 HALF marathons and 2 FULL marathons. Now at 177, I truly believe my body was screaming at me today…START RUNNING!! I know I won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but I’d rather not be able to walk because I ran, than not being able to walk because I’m too heavy! DEEP. I was in a rut and hitting my 40 lb mark has been the hardest, I still haven’t because I stood in my own way. I want to be a runner again, it felt great. I’m ready to train for something… I mean really, these LATINA BARBI Nikes were made for running…not walking! MUAH!


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