Control? Not this time..


Hello Everyone! I just got back from Pittsburgh last night, and now I have a horrible head cold. You know the kind that keeps you reaching for tissue and your head is pounding. There are so many things to get off my shoulders, so I’ll take one thing at a time. I was really meaning to stick with WW this whole trip, um I seem to forget that my husband and I seem to plan our days around where we’ll be eating. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I’ll back up a bit… I was pretty stressed about taking my calculus test Friday at 6am before getting on a plane.  Ummm  I’ll back up one more night, I got a call from my dad letting me know that my cousin had slipped into a coma with kidney failure…WHAT?? I know, I said the same thing. Ok, so now I’m thinking about her..Thursday night comes and I’m studying when I emailed my Calc teacher and asked if there was any way he could open the test for me a night early..he did and so I started the test at 9pm to finish at 11pm..I got an 86%, 2 quizzes, one test and a final to go. Husband and I slept in a little on Friday, packed and off we went to the airport. Lunchtime..2 beers and a ciabatta sandwich later, we boarded… I grabbed my cell to turn it off when this text came up…”Cindy just passed away”. She was 40 years old..she was that beautiful cousin that you wanted to look like….UGH…so this will be the second funeral in the last couple weeks. I couldn’t cry on the plane and just felt numb, AGAIN.

While in Pittsburgh, we ate at Deluca’s for breakfast and Primanti brothers for (late) dinner as seen on Man vs. Food. We drank lunch at 3 different pubs, hey, we weren’t driving!  Went to the Steelers game Sunday night..(I don’t want to talk about it). We decided to walk back to our it was 32 degrees!! For those of you who don’t know….I LIVE IN SAN DIEGO! I even had to borrow a jacket..thanks Marian! Got back to the hotel and as our reward (or sulking), ordered a pizza! Yeah, it was 2am! Oh here’s the funny thing… in honor of keeping the food fest going, we had a 2.5 hr layover in Chicago..what do to, what to do? Giordanos’ was a 5 minute cab ride..oh yeah! Husband and I ate…I mean, we devoured the small pizza! You’d think we hadn’t eaten for days.  All in all it was a great mini vacay…husband said he would love to move there…told him I would visit.  BTW, just started a new workout..Tabata..4 minutes is all you need! I only had to lose .6 before my 40lb star…I always have next week, right? SO WORTH IT! MUAH!

Chicago pizza, anyone?
Primanti Bros. sandwich, yup, those are fries in there!
Before the game!

2 thoughts on “Control? Not this time..

  1. We are so sorry to hear about your cousin…so young and so sad. It just reinforces the fact that life is so short and you never know when your time is up. Be glad you ate your pizza then! It’s a lifestyle and it doesn’t mean we can never have pizza again. You’ll be back on track, I’m sure. I’m going through a funk myself due to my bad back and now sciatica. The drugs and not being able to walk are not helping me. Feels like I’ll never make it back to the gym. Kind of discouraging but we must be grateful for the gift of life today in honor of your cousin. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. 🙂


    • Hey Lisa! Well the great thing about WW is that you can still lose weight if you can’t exercise..I use to get sciatica..ugh..pain in the booty! Yes, I agree ,we are here! muah!


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