So… so….CLOSE!

I even did my last chance workout this morning by jumping on the treadmill to burn 800 calories! I was soo close to getting my 40lb star, not to mention giving my 40 lb talk in front of everyone…I was .6 away!! Okay, I really need to buckle down and get it next week! I’m pretty proud of myself this week, I went to my Tata’s funeral this week. My dad and I went out for a couple drinks after the viewing, it’s surreal, our brains aren’t made to process the loss of life. I even asked my dad how is it that you are with someone one day and then to think you’ll never see them or hear their voice…is the deceased sad too? It was an emotional week, my dad and I are super close and I just felt like I needed to be there for him. It was awesome to have my brothers there too, they were pallbearers..ugh, what a horrible word. There is something comforting knowing that you get to see people whom you haven’t seen in a while.  Funerals = reunions, that’s about it. My mom took us all out for lunch at ApplesBee’s after the burial, thank God for their WW menu. Husband and I also went to Arizona to see the Steelers game against the Cardinals last weekend..again traveling yet totally keeping to my new lifestyle. When in doubt in choose protein to eat. It’s funny because husband I are going to Pittsburgh next week, and he asked if I was still going to be on WW or will I be able to eat with him… HUH? UHHHH…does he not know that I was on WW last week and ate great? FUNNY Husband. I feel like I’m back on track and making wise choices are second nature to me. My D and I are signing up for the Chocolate 15k run in March, just waiting to see the course online. That’s my gift to myself for losing (almost) 40lbs. Btw, my D said that once I hit my goal of reaching 150 she’s buying me a pair of True Religion jeans… how’s that for motivation?  I still need to clear out my closet..just haven’t found the time to do it. You know..CALCULUS.. getting a B right now. AND talk about being stressed next week, I need to take my test in the morning, BEFORE we leave for our trip.  I hope everyone has a great Halloween…we talked about the holidays and WW…one meal at a time…that’s the key and to track…oh and workouts..MUAH!


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