Where’s my head?

Listen, I’m okay with going up .6 ..I kinda knew that would happen…well actually I was hoping I could do last chance workout on Saturday morning….BUT nooooooo, the power was out on my block, REALLY? Why couldn’t the power be out on the scales at my meeting? UGH! Anyways , not a bad week, my head just wasn’t in the game. I was mindlessly eating..thinking after losing 37 lbs (so far)..I got this, well I don’t, I still have alot to learn about myself and the connection between my head, heart and body and the hand that feeds me.  I know I’m more than half way to my goal and I do have alot to be thankful for (I need smaller clothes), but I’m really trying to stay in the journey mode to 150 and not just hang out at 180. Do you feel me? No need for me and 180 to become friends! I have enjoyed the shopping part! Today, I’m wearing brown pinstripes pants and a cute pink sweater blouse (thank you Sharee)..at first I thought the pants were a size 14 and I was totally okay with that, BUT I checked them… NOPE they are a 12!!! I’m getting quite a few compliments, WHAT? Did I dress like crap before? Anyways, finding myself looking at all kinds of shopping sites…I won a bid for a beautiful black Kiyonna dress..cannot wait to wear it!! Picture will be coming soon… when, you ask…. Sunday? Why Sunday, you ask? Because it’s my one year wedding anniversary!! I know seems like yesterday…Husband and I are going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for dinner, and then going home to eat the top of our wedding cake.. (Side note -Husband asked where it’s been…really, open the freezer sometimes) and finally watching our wedding dvd..You know the whole time I’ll be thinking ..why didn’t I join WW earlier? Yeah, I’m happy to say I’m lighter than I was when I got married!  Oh, I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like, or even better yet, what I’ll be wearing for our 2nd year anniversary!! MUAH!


4 thoughts on “Where’s my head?

  1. So jealous…we never saved our wedding cake but then again, we did get married in NH! Our anniversary is tomorrow and because I was at an all you can eat conference, I might take a pass! OK, it was a work conference but felt the need to consume every single thing in site. Flo is just around the corner so that might be it…or I was out of control. Back at it tomorrow!!! Happy Anniversary!!! ❤


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