Love even numbers!

I went down 1.8 and that makes me 180 and 30 more lbs to go! One odd number -I’ve lost 37lbs..I’ll take it! Been doing okay, probably NOT the best thing that husband and I go to See’s Candies every other night..that’s my dinner..I allot the points for it! Workouts really need to improve…ever since I went back to school my treadmill workouts have been suffering. UGH! Still can’t figure out if I should workout in the am before I work, however I go to sleep so late the night before that I just can’t get up! No great weight loss goal to speak of HOWEVER, husband and I went to a wedding on Saturday..and I ended up wearing the dress I wore to my 10 yr high school reunion (only this time I had to wear SPANX)! 9 years ago! YAY!! You see, in my weight loss journey..I actually did lose 70 lbs on WW about 15 yrs ago and kept it off for 9 yrs…I’ll have to blog another time for the WHOLE story on that. The lowest weight I’ve EVER been was 170..and I’m 181 right now. YAY! Get this, I went to a party yesterday, there was a taco stand, I opted to have a Corona and that was it…who am I? There were even chips, like right in front of me. I’ve realized that there are certain foods that make e bloated..mental note. Steelers won! I still need to sign up for a 5k and just make time to train for it ….BALANCE in my new word. LOVE weigh on Saturdays..this allows me to go out in LA on Tuesday nights and I workout before weigh in on Saturdays. 😉  I’m looking forward to my week…a week of tracking…visiting friends…wearing a dress…wearing a new pink and brown outfit (thank you Sharee)…working out…and JUST being thankful that I’ve stuck to WW and learning so much about myself! YUP..even after that..I STILL LOVE ME!! MUAH!



7 thoughts on “Love even numbers!

  1. So happy for you. You’re looking great! Not sure what is happening with my body. The fat is holding on to my body like grim death. I’ve ramped up the exercise and I’m pretty obsessive about tracking and eating my allotted points for the day but the scale has been going up. Whattttttttttttttt? Hoping it’s a better weigh in on Wednesday because I might get depressed soon! 🙂


      • I got on my scale this AM (which I know you are against) and it was up a bit. It IS a WW scale, you know! That scale is how I judge my pregnancy weight so I can’t help but get on. So I’m close to my 10# but with the exercise and good eating, I figured the scale would be going in the right direction…and it’s not. I don’t eat my weekly points. Maybe I should? Maybe I’m actually under eating? A lot of my foods are zero or one and I don’t eat a lot of processed foods. Not sure why I’m surprised since I followed Jorge’s plan and didn’t lose anything. Crickey…where’s my magic pill?


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