Nothing going on…

..well not exactly..I’ve been struggling a lot with school, workouts, making time for family, cocktails with friends, watching tv in bed with my husband, and tracking. I’m taking Applied Calculus online and it is tough,  not just hard but it takes up ALL of my free time. I’m up til 12, sometimes 1am every night. On Saturday, I started at 2pm, started my Chapter 3 test at 12:30am and was done at 2am! I’m no math wizard, but that was 12 hours! Of course I took a mini break to eat dinner and 3 See’s Candies (thank you Husband). That’s the other thing, I’m staying  awake longer and therefore, I get hungry around 10…UGH! I’m kinda staying on top of my workouts, I crave it emotionally. I really miss my down time with my Husband, he’s great..and really okay that he can come home to no distractions, it’s me that misses it. We use to get in bed together and catch up on all our shows, but not lately. However, on Saturday, he fell asleep in the living room while I was studying, that counts for spending time together, right? Except that when I was done, I left him there. Hey, I needed my alone time from 2 – 3am..catching up with Suze Orman. I try to make plans with friends, but now my weigh-in day is on Sat at 8am, need I say more? Oh yeah, I changed weigh-in days, too. As far as tracking, I’ve done better.

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On a lighter note, I did get my NIKES!! Hope you saw the video! I ran twice last week.. 1 mile each time. LOVE THEM! Oh yeah, I going to sign up to run a 5k in November..CRAZY, I know, but I’m thinking I can train in my sleep. My goals this week, are to workout 4 times and track everyday. I do like weighing-in on Saturday mornings because that gives me the chance to workout before..trickery, you say? So do I.  MUAH!


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