Tricks are for kids… or are they?

I weighed in on Wed before lunch..whereas I USUALLY weigh in on Wed give or take 1lb, I still lost 2.8 lbs. I have to admit I weighed in early because I was invited to a shin-dig where there was going to be alot of food! So, I’m back on track…well not exactly, I’ll be weighing in on Tuesday in LA because my gf and I are going out for dinner.  I’m struggling with the days to weigh-in… I like my Wed mtgs because the members are great, however, it really would be nice to be able to weigh-in on Saturdays and be able to workout BEFORE…yup another trick! Help, I feel like I have no WW home!

I tried a different workout called Barre…OUCH…I was sore, yet felt tight all over. I woke up with every intention to do the treadmill, But the excitement of doing calculus for 15 hours got the best of me..I just couldn’t stop! I did tackle it on Sunday. Husband and I went to a seafood buffet on Sunday at Viejas casino..what was I doing there!? I did great! Started with salad and ended with a bit of bread pudding and apple cobbler…is it me or is there something about bread desserts? That was a treat to myself. I was so thankful for having Monday off, not because I got to have fun, but because it gave me an extra day to work on… got it…..calculus!  As much as I despise that fact that I have to take it..I’m kinda liking the challenge. TYPE A!  🙂

This just in….I got an email from Nike letting me know that my shoes are on their way!! You will be the first to see them! Stay tuned! MUAH!


4 thoughts on “Tricks are for kids… or are they?

  1. Hi… congrats on the 2.8 pound drop and I can’t wait until the new shoes arrive. I’ve been off track with my weight loss but back on tomorrow >>> I’m going for a walk. I need some new walking shoes as well. Are yours for walking or running? Bridgette


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